Kristine M. Levan

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

BA, MS, PhD, University of Texas-Dallas

Office Location: Hyde Hall 343
Phone: 603-535-3091

Spring office hours:  Tuesday & Thursday  2:00pm – 3:00pm
Wednesday  10:00am – 12:00pm

About Professor Levan

Kristine Levan joined the Criminal Justice Department at PSU in 2009. She is an Assistant Professor, and her teaching and research interests include prison culture, violence in prison, sexual assault, homicide, and capital punishment. Prior research experience includes conducting surveys of male inmates on their perceptions of institutional violence, and follow-up data collection of probationers and parolees.

Selected publications/presentations/exhibitions

  • Levan, Kristine (2012) Prison Violence: Causes, Consequences and Solutions. Ashgate Publications.
  • Mackey, David and Kristine Levan (Eds.) (2012). Crime Prevention. Jones and Bartlett.
  • Levan, Kristine, Polzer, Katherine, & Downing, Steven (2011). Media and prison sexual assault: How we got to the “Don’t drop the soap” culture. International Journal of Criminological and Sociological Theory, 4(2).
  • Miller, Kristine Levan (2010). Teaching Tips: Engaging Students in Criminological Theory. The Criminologist, 35(6).
  • Miller, Kristine Levan (2010). The Darkest Figure of Crime: Perceptions of Reasons for Male Inmates to not Report Sexual Assault. Justice Quarterly 27(5).

Courses Taught

  • CJ 1010     The Criminal Justice System
  • CJ 2070     Corrections
  • CJ 3090     Criminology
  • CJ 3500     Women and Crime
  • CJ 4800     CJ Senior Seminar




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Penina Wallace
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