Student Outcomes

At the successful conclusion of your studies in criminal justice, you will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of criminal justice processes, terminology, and history,
  • articulate an understanding of the link between criminological theory, research methodology, and criminal justice policy,
  • formulate and appraise your moral, ethical, cognitive, and personal development in relation to the field of criminal justice,
  • demonstrate computing, verbal, and written communication skills,
  • describe and evaluate the principles of scientific methodology so that you may become informed consumers of criminal justice research, and
  • develop an esprit de corps among criminal justice majors while in attendance at Plymouth State University to facilitate contacts among criminal justice professionals and alumni.

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Our Students

Penina Wallace

Penina Wallace
“Each professor brings something new, different, and exciting to the table. I’m getting an education that goes beyond textbooks and lectures; I have the opportunity to thrive and learn, as a student and as a peer.”
~ Penina Wallace