Pre-Law Minor

Criminal Justice majors only need to take 4 additional classes above the major to complete the pre-law minor!

You must complete 3 of the following from Group I

BU 2290 – Organizational Communications
CM 2400 – Public Speaking
EN 3120 – Advanced Composition
PY 2000 – Basic Argumentation and Debate
PY – 2310 – Elements of Logic

You must complete 1 of the following from Group II

BU 2440- Business, Ethics and Society
CJ/PY 3150 – Society, Ethics and the Law**
CS 4520 – Cyber Ethics

**Please note that you must take Society, Ethics and the Law for the Criminal Justice major, so it will already be completed!

You must complete 2 of the following:

BU 2480 – Business Law
BU 3410 – Labor & Employment Law for Managers
BU 3560 – Land Use Law & Development
CJDI 1020 – The Individual & The Law***
CJ 2040 – Criminal Adjudication***
PO 3630 – Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties
PS 3700 – Psychology & The Law

***Please note that Criminal Justice majors must take Criminal Adjudication for our major and that many of you choose to take The Individual & The Law as a Self and Society Directions course. Both are offered through the CJ Department.

Remember that you MUST take at least three 3000/4000 level courses to complete the pre-law minor.

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Charles DeJoie
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