Course Details

Latin American Studies Minor

18 credits

Offered by the Latin American Studies Council
Council: Wilson Garcia, Barbara D. Lopez-Mayhew, Sheryl L. Shirley

The Latin American Studies Minor is an area studies program designed to encourage and guide students in pursuit of a deeper knowledge of the Latin American peoples and countries with whom we share the American Continents. The program encourages students to study Latin America because of its intrinsic interest as a significant world region - its cultures, history, literature, politics - and also because of its importance to the United States. Immigration, free-trade agreements, bilingualism, drug traffic, and other issues arising from our interactions with Latin America occupy national news. This minor offers students a formal path to understanding the Latin American cultures and comprehending important international issues. A minimum of six upper-level credits must be completed.



Spanish Language 6
Two semester-long courses in Spanish at the level of SP 2030 or above.
Content Courses - complete four of the following: 12
AN 3040 Mexican Prehistory
AN 3050 Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
IS 4370 Hispanic Culture in the United States (DICO) (INCO)
LLDI 2200 Modern Latin American Literature (SSDI)
LLDI 2250 The Latino Boom: A Survey of US-Latino Literature (SSDI)
PO 3300 Latin American Politics (GACO) (WRCO)
SP 3140 Spanish American Culture and Civilization
SP 3250 Ibero-American Women in Literature, Art, and Film
Up to two three-credit courses with the prior approval of the Chair of the Latin American Studies Council.

Possible electives for the minor include courses with Latin American specific content, available through study abroad, internships, independent study, Plymouth State field school courses, and Plymouth experimental course offerings. Spanish language and Spanish American literature and culture classes are also offered through Plymouth State University's study abroad program provided through the Global Engagement Office. Please see the Latin American Studies Council members for information on study abroad.

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.