Course Details

Northern New England Heritage Studies Minor

15 credits

The purpose of the minor in Northern New England Heritage Studies is to provide students with a better comprehension of the natural, social, and cultural environment of the region. Students who matriculate toward the minor will gain a better understanding of the unique characteristics of the region. The structure of the minor is designed to impart introductory information about the archaeology, culture, geography, history, and environment of the region, and to provide an avenue for more in-depth analysis through independent study, seminars, and/or internships. The minimum requirement for a minor in Northern New England Heritage Studies is 15 credits. A maximum of six credits may be in 1000/2000 level courses and at least nine credits must be in 3000/4000 level courses. Upon approval of the Director of the Center for Business and Community Partnerships and the Undergraduate Studies Office, students may substitute other courses for the requirements that are listed. To be approved, such courses must relate to the region, utilize a regional approach or reflect some combination of these elements. Anyone seeking more information about enrolling in the minor should contact the Director of the Center for Business and Community Partnerships.



Courses Fulfilling the Minor
AN 3110 Environmental Anthropology: Culture, Ecology, and Conservation 3
AN 3260 Historical Archaeology 3
AN 3410 Natives of North America 3
BI 3240 Conservation (DICO) (GACO) (INCO) 3
ENDI 1550 Wilderness Literature (SSDI) 3
HI 3150 American Civil War and Reconstruction (WRCO) 3
HI 3335 New Hampshire and New England Historical Sites 3
HI 3340 New Hampshire and New England History (WRCO) 3
LL 2150 Introduction to Canadian Studies 3
PO 3100 American Political Thought 3
SO 3390 Environment and Society (INCO) 3
SS 3620 Archaeological Field Methods: Prehistory 2-9
SS 3630 Archaeological Field Methods: Historical 2-9
SS 3640 Archaeological Field Methods: Nautical 2-9

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.