International Adventure Tourism

Disciplines:  Adventure Education, Business, Geography and Environmental Planning

It was not until I had the opportunity to travel to Australia, on a semester abroad program, that I realized the importance of international and cultural experiences for young people. I strongly believe that these experiences broaden the knowledge of self and others.

Since that experience, I have been very interested in studying adventure tourism and international youth programs. Unfortunately, there is not yet an academic program focusing on these specific topics at PSU. My dream would be to develop and offer programs that aid young adult travel to other countries, guide their participation in outdoor activities to promote the development of personal leadership, and help them explore new cultures to enrich their experiences. I believe that the flexibility of the Interdisciplinary Studies major will allow me to pursue a course of study that will help me achieve my personal and professional goals. Ultimately, I would like to develop and operate my own adventure tourism company.

I have selected three disciplines that I feel are necessary to help me achieve my goals. These disciplines are Adventure Education, Business and Geography and Environmental Planning.

I am looking forward to further developing my knowledge of Adventure Education by taking courses such as the Organization and Administration of Adventure Education (AP 4600). This particular course will give me the knowledge and skills needed to manage an adventure program. The skills I will develop in this class range from developing a risk management plan to hiring and training staff. The course Adventure Leadership and Instruction (AP 3300) will help me further develop my skills as an adventure education instructor as well as my outdoor leadership skills. I have selected this particular class in Adventure Education because it uses wilderness expedition experiences to help us develop the required skills and knowledge to lead outdoor adventure activities.

The business classes I have selected will teach me the skills needed to run my own company. I feel that the course International Management (BU 2500) is crucial to my training because it has an emphasis on global perspectives. In this class, I will acquire the management skills needed to organize international trips. These skills will be very particularly useful when working in culturally diverse environments. The course Interpersonal Relations (BU 4260) will help me develop effective communication skills in a work environment. In this course, I will learn about team building strategies and group motivation theories. I believe this course to be very important in improving my managerial skills, which will be greatly needed in a globally integrated work place.

Geography and Environmental Planning is the third discipline I have chosen to pursue. I believe that to be successful in international adventure tourism, it is vital for me to better understand the diverse cultures and their respective customs I will visit with my participants. The course Travel and Tourism (GE 2730) will benefit my education because it focuses on tourism organizations and popular international destinations. When operating my company I will need to know about international travel patterns including the “supply and demand” theories regarding services, accommodations and destinations. To give a concrete example for the need to include Geography courses in my plan of study; I can say that Geography as Spatial Science (GE 1020) was a beneficial course for me to take because it gave me a thorough perspective on worldwide human and cultural activity. With that new perspective, I can now better select potential destinations for my future participants.

After I graduate, I feel confident that this Interdisciplinary Studies major will help me find quickly a job as a guide with an international adventure company. I believe that working as an international adventure guide will help me gain more knowledge regarding potential travel and program opportunities as well as help refine my adventure leadership skills.

Option One Contract Courses

  • AP 1010 Foundations of Adventure Education
  • AP 3300 Adventure Leadership and Instruction
  • AP 3500 Adventure Processing and Facilitation
  • AP 4600 Organization and Administration of Adventure Education
  • AP 4910 Independent Study
  • BU 2450 Principles of Marketing
  • BU 2500 International Management
  • BU 3370 Advertising and Promotion Management
  • BU 3420 Organizational Behavior
  • BU 4260 Interpersonal Relations
  • GE 1020 Geography as Spatial Science
  • GE 2730 Travel and Tourism
  • GE 3650 Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific
  • GE 3780 Nature and Heritage Tourism
  • GE 4150 Topic: Environmental Planning

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