Dance Minor

22 credits

The 22-credit minor in dance strengthens technical proficiency in dance techniques as well as develops artistry through dance-making and performance with the Contemporary Dance Ensemble. Additionally, dancers develop knowledge and appreciation of dance through theoretical, anthropological, and historical inquiry. All students who audition for the dance minor will be considered for a departmental Talent Grant.



DN 3010 Contemporary Dance Ensemble (four enrollments) 4
DN 3020 History of Modern Dance and Technique 3
DN 3050 World Dance (GACO) 3
DN 3320 Dance Composition 3
Techniques - complete one/two courses from each technique; choose appropriate level for each technique:
Modern Dance Technique: 2-3
DN 1260 Modern Dance I and
DN 2260 Modern Dance II or
DN 3270 Advanced Modern Dance
Ballet Technique: 2-3
DN 1230 Ballet I and
DN 2710 Ballet II or
DN 3360 Advanced Ballet
Jazz Dance Technique: 2-3
DN 1280 Jazz Dance I and
DN 2670 Jazz Dance II or
DN 3260 Topics in Dance: Advanced Jazz
Tap Technique: 2-3
DN 1740 Tap I and
DN 2520 Tap II or
DN 3260 Topics in Dance: Advanced Tap
For students who do not complete Advanced (3000) level techniques: 1
DN 4010 Dance Practicum

Completion of both the Dance Minor and the following courses (some of which can also count toward the Minor itself) also completes the Dance Pedagogy curriculum. This curriculum is based on the Curriculum Standards set forth in the National Dance Standards for Dance Education and the New Hampshire K-12 Dance Curriculum Framework. While completion of this curriculum does not lead to any specific teaching certification, the student who completes it will possess the requisite competencies to teach dance in a variety of settings.
DN 3100 Movement Concepts for Dance Education 3
DN 3270 Advanced Modern Dance 3
DN 3320 Dance Composition 3
DN 3360 Advanced Ballet 3
DN 3500 Dance Pedagogy I 3
DN 4010 Dance Practicum 1-3
DN 4500 Dance Pedagogy II 3

In addition, students may choose an Interdisciplinary Studies major to combine coursework in Dance with another area or areas.

*All course information is from the 2015-2016 Catalog.