1000 Level

M/m scales in 1 ½ or 2 octaves, M/m arpeggios; Pares: scales

Albinoni, Concerti, Op. VII No. 3 & 6; Handel, Concerto in B Flat; Vivaldi,
Sonata in G minor

Prestini, Studies; Andraud, Practical and Progressive Oboe Method

Reed Making
Jay Light, the Oboe Reed Book; Tying on cane and knife scraping technique

2000 Level

Suggested Method: Barret, Complete Method

Cimarosa, Concerto in C Minor.
Marcello, Concerto in D Minor.
Vivaldi, Concerto Op. 8, No. 0.
Handel, Sonata in C Minor and Sonata in G Minor.
Hindemith, Sonata.
Schumann, Three Romances, Op. 94.

Ferling, 48 Etudes
Prestini Studies

Reed Making
Rough scraping of reeds.

3000 Level

Suggested Method: Andraud, Vade-Mecum

Britten Six Metamorphoses
Handel, Concerto Grosso No. 8, 9, and 10 (w/ strings)
Mozart, Concerto in C Major
Strauss, Concerto
Piston, Suite
Sint-Saens, Sonata
D. Smith, Sonata

Bozza, 18 Etudes for Oboe
L. Wiedemann, 45 Studies

4000 Level

Suggested Method: Andraud, Vade-Mecum; Barret, Complete Method.

Mozart, Quartet
Vaughan Williams, Concerto
Bach, Difficult Passages

Reed Making
Complete independence in reed making.

Music, Theatre & Dance videos

Behind The Scenes: Bach’s “Mass In B Minor”

August 2nd, 2013 by Eric

play video
Behind the Scenes:
Bach’s ‘Mass In B Minor’ play video

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