Instrument and Locker Policy

Instrument lockers are primarily for the storage of the department’s instrument collection. Instrumental majors, Symphonic Band members and Jazz Ensemble members may request a locker for storing their own instrument. Requests are made to Dr. Corcoran.

Instruments and lockers are issued on a semester basis. There is no fee for the use of lockers for Music majors and minors. Performance ensemble members and method class students do not have to rent instruments; they are provided free of charge.

Returning PSU-Owned Instruments

  1. Instruments are to be returned to the Music Department each semester on or before the last day of final exams or performances.
  2. If a class is dropped for which an instrument has been assigned, the instrument is to be returned within the same week as the drop is initiated.
  3. If an instrument is no longer required for a class or performance ensemble, the instrument is to be returned within the week.
  4. The Department reserves the right to withdraw an instrument from use at any time.
  5. Students are responsible for damaged or lost instruments.

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Behind the Scenes: Stage Production, Lighting and Costume Design

August 2nd, 2013 by Eric

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Behind the Scenes:
Stage Production,
Lighting &
Costume Design play video

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