• Electricians are required to contact the Master Electrician for the Arts Center or the production as soon as they receive their assignment.
  • They will supply the Master Electrician with their phone number, HUB mailbox number and e-mail address.
  • They will know when electrics calls are scheduled and will establish a schedule with the Master Electrician if they have any conflicts.
  • Calls might be short or cancelled early in the process, but all electricians will be available when scheduled anyway.
  • They will keep a log of their hours.
  • They will also anticipate extra calls, possibly at odd times, and a greater commitment beginning three weeks prior to the show opening.
  • Electricians will work a minimum of 40 hours. These hours tend to happen in much shorter time spans and sometimes at less convenient times.
  • Absenteeism on electrics will require phenomenal justification.
  • Electricians will typically be assigned for the semester rather than on a per-show basis.
  • Electricians will be required to be at strike for all productions unless otherwise informed.
  • Electricians will dress appropriately for all calls, meaning that they will wear sensible shows (no sandals or heels) and will anticipate climbing ladders (no skirts or dresses).

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Behind The Scenes: Bach’s “Mass In B Minor”

August 2nd, 2013 by Eric

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Behind the Scenes:
Bach’s ‘Mass In B Minor’ play video

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