Progression and graduation requirements

Progression in Nursing Requirements

  • A minimum grade of C in all nursing prerequisite courses
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA in all prerequisite courses
  • Students must obtain  a final grade of a B- (80-82) or greater in all nursing theory courses and earn a PASS in all clinical nursing (NR) courses in order to progress in the major

Progression to the clinical portion of the program (Winterim of junior year)

The clinical portion of the nursing program begins with a 2-credit Winterim (January term) course in the junior year. Beginning in the spring semester of the junior year, the nursing major is full-time, 16 credits for four consecutive terms (i.e., spring, summer, fall, and spring). Students are eligible to sit for the RN licensure exam following the completion of the program. In order to progress to the nursing sequence and continue in the program, students must:

  • earn a minimum grade of “C” in all prerequisite and required nursing courses and maintain a 2.5 grade-point average.
  • purchase  uniforms at PSU Bookstore
  • complete department criteria for criminal background checks.
  • provide Proof of Immunization: Students must have all required immunizations completed and current prior to beginning nursing clinical courses: TB, Varicella, MMR, Hepatitis B series (HEPVAC). HEPVAC requires that the series start around the time of application submission to ensure the six-month series is entirely complete by January.
  • be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation for health care providers prior to beginning the nursing courses and re-certified as necessary until after graduation. CPR card must state  Health Care Provider or Professional Rescuer.
  • willing and able to travel outside of the Plymouth area to complete the clinical experiences and provide own transportation.
  • provide proof of current health insurance

* Students are responsible for costs of criminal background check, immunizations and health insurance.

Graduation Requirements

  • Credits in the major: 56 credit hours. The last 10 courses must be taken at PSU (30 credits).
  • Graduation: 120 credit hours are required to complete the B.S. in Nursing and a minimum of 2.5 GPA in the major and grade of “C” or better is required in all nursing courses.

BS in Nursing: Pre-licensure Path

PSU Requirements Credits Gen ed Transfer course title Taken
Nursing Prerequisite Courses
BI 2110 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4  Falls
BI 2120 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4  Springs
BI 2340 Microbiology for Nurses 4  Springs
BI 2360 Genetics for Nurses 3  Falls
Group A- complete one of the following:BI 3020 Biochemistry ICH 3020 Biochemistry IHE 3220 Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living 3-4 TECO Technology Connection
PS 2010 Intro to General Psychology 3
PS 2050 Life-Span Developmental Psych 3
MA 2300 Statistics I 3 MATH Math Foundations
Required Nursing courses
NR 3010 Intro to Professional Nursing 2  Winterim
NR 3020 Intro to Patient-Centered Care 3 DICO Diversity Connection  Springs
NR 3030 Pharmacology and Pathophysiology 3  Springs
NR 3040 Professional Issues 3  Springs
NR 3052 Clinical Application of Patient-Centered Care 4 TECO Technology Connection  Springs
NR 3070 Health and Wellness of Older Adults 3 WECO Wellness Connection  Summers
NR 3092 Evidence-Based Practice Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 3  Summers
NR 3094 Evidence-Based Practice in Medical/Surgical Nursing 3  Summers
NR 3090 Clinical Evidence-Based Practice 4  Summers
NR 4010 Teamwork and Collaborative Care 3  Falls
NR 4020 Global Health and Population Based Healthcare 3 GACO Global Connection  Falls
NR 4030 Specialty Nursing Practice 3  Falls
NR 4040 Clinical Applications in Specialty Settings 4  Falls
NR 4050 Nursing Leadership 3  INCO  Springs
NR 4060 Research Process and Evidence-Based Practice 3 WRCO QRCO Writing Connection & Quantitative  Springs
NR 4035 Quality and Informatics in Healthcare Systems 3 TECO Technology Connection  Springs
NR 4082 Leadership and Quality Improvement in Clinical Settings 6 INCO Integration Connection Credits 56 nursing
General Education
EN 1200 Composition 3
IS 1111 The First Year Seminar Transfers entering 24+ credits excused
MA Math Foundation (Statistics required) see above
CTDI Creative Thought Direction 3 CTDI
CTDI Creative Thought Direction 3 CTDI
PPDI Past and Present Direction 3 PPDI
PPDI Past and Present Direction 3 PPDI
SSDI Self and Society Direction 3 SSDI
SSDI Self and Society Direction 3 SSDI 24 gen ed reqs
Electives 13 3 electives
Total 120 credits