Achieving academic success

Just in case you’re not aware of the importance of your college grades, check out this free podcast from hiring managers:  Get good grades.  If that doesn’t convince to do well, know this:  each class you attend (or don’t attend) is worth $52.70!  Someone is paying for you to be here, and you owe it to that person (yourself?) to pay attention and do well.

If you’re having difficulties with your classes, remember that there are many resources on campus to help you (you’re already paying for them with your student fees, so you may as well use them!):

  • The Math Activity Center, located in 351 Hyde (535-2581), has a tutoring schedule as well as a study area where you can work independently until you need help.
  • The Writing Center, located on the lower level of Lamson (535-2831), can help with everything from an English paper to a resume.
  • The Plymouth Academic Support Services (PASS) Office, located in Lamson (535-2270) offers tutoring, learning skill development, and services for students with disabilities.
  • The Counseling and Human Relations Center, located just east of Hyde Hall (535-2461), offers free counseling services and stress-management workshops for students.
  • The Reflection and Spiritual Care Center, located in Hall Hall (535-2673 or 960-1828), offers personal and spiritual counseling.
  • The Office of Community Development and Diversity, located at 134 Langdon Woods, focuses on bystander intervention, suicide prevention, LGBT+ outreach, violence prevention, culture, and diversity.


G E T   O R G A N I Z E D !!!!!!
Create a schedule that includes allocated time for studying and STICK TO IT! This should be easy with a smartphone. If you have an iPhone, simply follow these steps to sync your phone with your Zimbra email and calendar (or here for Android). To create new calendar events, use your phone or log in to Zimbra and click the “Calendar” tab. When creating a new event, use the “repeat” function when applicable and make judicious use of the “reminder” option. Pro-tip: When setting reminders, be sure to give yourself enough lead time to be able to finish tasks on time even if you forget until being reminded!


Many students expect that their study strategies from high school will translate to their college classes, but this is often not the case.  I encourage you to watch ALL of the videos with special attention to the 4th video!

For information about how your beliefs about studying can impair your exam performance,  please watch the following video:

About studying shallowly vs. studying deeply:

How to study deeply rather than shallowly:

Specific strategies that work:

I blew the exam.  Now what?!

Other helpful websites:

Look here for information about Academic Warnings, Probation, and Severance.

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