Our lab members

Dr. Angela Kilb
Director, Lifetime Learning Laboratory
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Plymouth State University
Phone: 603-535-3242
Email: akilb (AT) plymouth (DOT) edu



  • Zel Kerkel, Class of 2019
  • Brooke Robinson, Class of 2017 (Thesis: Effects of Superfamiliarity on Change Blindness in a Gradual Change Paradigm)
  • Jason Phillips, Class of 2017 (Thesis: Effects of associative generation on associative memory)
  • Jade Romagna, Class of 2015 (Thesis: Physiological and Emotional Correlates of Working Memory; in collaboration with Dr. Brian Healy)
  • Andrew Hersey, Class of 2015 (Thesis: Individual Differences in Heart Rate Variability and Associative Memory Recognition in Older and Younger Adults)
    Martin Research and Consulting at Draper Labs
  • Christopher Moore, Class of 2015 (Thesis: False Feedback Changes People’s Relative Judgments)
  • Amanda Comeau, Class of 2014
  • Evan Kowalski, Class of 2014
  • Allison Jacques, Class of 2014 (Thesis: The Effects of Power Posing on Overconfidence in the DRM Paradigm)
  • Amanda Kelley, Class of 2013 (Thesis: Auditory Vs. Visual Cues in Tip-of-the-Tongue States)
    Family Specialist with Compass in Boston, MA 
  • Nicole Brodeur, Class of 2012
    currently studying School Psychology at Rhode Island College
  • Lindsey DePorter, Class 2011 (Thesis: False Memories Caused by Biases of Poverty in Child Abuse)


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