Adam Keul


Assistant Professor of Tourism Management and Policy

BA, MIS, Stephen F. Austin State University; PhD Florida State University


MSC #39

Phone: 603-535-2502

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About Professor Keul

Dr. Keul serves as the new director for the BA in Tourism Management and Policy. He is trained as a tourism geographer and his research focuses on the production of tourism spaces at the confluence of land and water. He has written about tourism and geography covering a variety of topics including: black bears in Texas, large swamps in the US South, beaches on the New England coast, and resource development in the globalized Arctic. Throughout his research he applies critical theories addressing political economy and ecology. Alongside his academic and administrative duties, Keul also coaches pole vault for the PSU track team.

Selected Publications

  • Keul, A. 2015. “The fantasy of access: Neoliberal ordering of a public beach” Political Geography, Volume 48, September 2015, 49-59.
  • Keul, A. 2014. “Tourism, Neoliberalism and the Swamp as Enterprise”. Area 46:3 235-241.
  • Keul, A. 2014. “Reliving Off the Swamp: a Cajun Tourism Commodity”

Geographical Review 104:4 506-522.

  • Steinberg, P. Gerhardt, H. Tasch, J. with Keul, A. Nyman, E. 2014.

Contesting the Arctic: Politics and Imaginaries in the Circumpolar North. I.B. Tauris: London.

  • Keul, A. 2013.”Embodied Encounters Between Humans and Gators”.

Social & Cultural Geography 14:8 930-53.

  • Keul, A. 2013. “Performing the Swamp, Producing the Wetland: Social

Spatialization in the Atchafalaya Basin”. Geoforum 45: 315–324.

  • Stephens-Williams, P. Darville, R. Keul, A. Legg, M. Garner, N. and Comer, C. 2011. “Stakeholders’ attitudes toward black bear in East Texas”

Human Dimensions of Wildlife 16:6, 414-424.

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Travel and Tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Tourism Planning and Development
  • Globalization and Diversity
  • Economic Geography
  • The American Landscape

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