Course Details

Gerontology Minor

15 credits

Gerontology is the study of the biological, psychological, and social dimensions of aging. In addition to examining biopsychosocial changes as people age, gerontologists examine the political, economic, and social implications of aging in society. The interdisciplinary minor in Gerontology gives students the opportunity to understand the aging process and develop an understanding of policies, programs, and social needs in an aging society.



Complete one of the following: 3
PS 2010 Introduction to General Psychology
SW 2200 Introduction to Social Work
Complete one of the following: 3
PS 2050 Life-Span Developmental Psychology
SW 2500 Human Biology for Social Workers and the Social Sciences
Complete one of the following: 3
PE 3560 Measurement and Assessment in Physical Education (QRCO)
SW 3050 Perspectives on Aging (WECO)
Complete one of the following: 3
HE 3220 Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living (TECO)
SW 3500 Health and Society (GACO) (WECO)
Complete one of the following: 3
HE 3230 Promoting Health Across the Lifespan
HE 3240 Health Promotion Planning and Evaluation (WRCO)

Note: Psychology majors and Social Work majors can take no more than three credits in their discipline for this minor.

*All course information is from the 2015-2016 Catalog.