Food Safety

ServSafe Certification

Our Dining Service employees are trained and certified through the ServSafe program to ensure that your food is not only nutritious, but SAFE.

ServSafe is a training and certification program developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. The focus of this program is to train foodservice handlers about general food safety principles and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) concepts. The ServSafe program has become the industry standard in food safety training. The ServSafe program provides accurate, up-to-date information for all levels of employees on all aspects of handling food, from receiving and storing to preparing and serving.

Sodexo realizes that it is our obligation to serve safe food and has over 52 employees that are currently ServSafe certified. We are very proud of our past track record and will continue our commitment to serving safe food to our customers.

ServSafe Certified Members of Plymouth State University Dining Services:

  • Ames, Erin
  • Beal, Kerry
  • Bentwood, Johanna
  • Bickford, Amanda
  • Blaisdell, Mary
  • Botelho, Keith
  • Braley, Keith
  • Brewer, Colleen
  • Brooks, Robert
  • Campbell, Robin
  • Carbone, Joe
  • Carlson, Mary
  • Carr, Tracy
  • Charbonneau, Larry
  • Chase, Joyce
  • Dallon, Sarah
  • Davis, Lynn
  • Denhartog, Maarten
  • Fullerton, Robert
  • Gaudet, Jim
  • Gilman, Mark
  • Greenleaf, Mark
  • Hansler, Derrick
  • Hehir, Pom
  • Holmes, Pat
  • Jackson, Dan
  • Jordan, Ginny
  • Jordan, Sarah
  • Joyce, Bill
  • Joyner, Bill
  • Lamson, Linda
  • Landroche, Cheryl
  • Malm, Ellen
  • Manganiello, Garlyn
  • Marrotte, Sandy
  • McQueeney, Ryan
  • Mongeon, Cheyenne
  • Mongeon, Chris
  • Mongeon, Cyndy
  • Nichols, Steve
  • Peluso, Bill
  • Perkins, Dana
  • Roy, Robert
  • Shanahan, Ben
  • Spead, Margie
  • Taylor, Mary Jo
  • Valentin, Raymond
  • Wilke, Christine
  • Wright, Calvin

Meet the Team

Brenda Krotzer

Hi, I’ve been working here at PSU sense the winter of 2007. Previously I worked as a direct support staff for the lakes region community service council. I supported a group of mental and emotional disabilities workers. They worked for a local property management company. I’m here at sodexo to help make your meal time more enjoyable.