Guidelines for Compliance with Contracted Food and Beverage Services Provided on Campus

As a regional university, PSU hosts many activities on campus for students, faculty, staff, and external organizations that include food and beverage service. Currently PSU is contracted with Sodexo Management Inc. (“Sodexo”) as our food service provider and Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England (CCNNE) as our exclusive beverage vendor. By managing these services through a qualified and professional third party, PSU benefits from their attention to compliance with all federal, state and local laws related to food and beverage services, and their insurance coverage, should someone become ill from preparation or service.

The following guidelines were created to update the greater campus community in regard to food and beverage activities that occur on the campus property.

Note: Food purchased from non-PSU contracted vendors totaling less than $300 for an individual event or $500 per calendar day will be permitted and does not need any approval process.

General Guidelines

  1. Catering and/or purchase of food for consumption on campus should utilize Sodexo services whenever possible.
  2. Groups interested in to-go food or who have last minute food needs where University funds are used are encouraged to use the Union Grille or other campus food service options when feasible.
  3. Event planners hosting sit-down dinners for fewer than 25 people should discuss their dining options with catering services.
  4. If hosting an event with food and not using the campus food service, it is critical that the host notify the manager of that facility as well as Physical Plant’s custodial services in order to ensure the space is returned back to its original state following the event.
  5. Pizza orders over 10 pies will be referred to catering by the Union Grille to determine if they can fulfill the request. The catering rate is equal to the Union Grille price once the discount for campus groups is applied. Groups may receive a reduced price for volume orders.
  6. Bake sales may be approved on a limited basis.
    • They cannot compete with contracted vendor products.
    • Foods requiring refrigeration or heating require prior approval.
    • Bake sales will be limited to 4 days per group per semester.
  7. Pre-approval must be obtained when planning to use catering other than Sodexo, for any campus event open to the public and held in a campus venue.
  8. Resale items that are in direct conflict with current contracts (i.e.: PSU Bookstore, Coca Cola and Sodexo food service) will not be allowed.
  9. Beverage sales or distribution of free products are not allowed on campus due to our exclusivity agreement with Coca Cola.

Note: Your food/beverage order must meet a $100 minimum in order for Catering Services to provide delivery and set up at your event.