FlexCash is a debit account that can be accessed at a variety of locations around campus with a PSU ID card. All food service areas accept FlexCash, including Prospect Hall, Daily Paws, the Woods Cafe, Commons Café, and the Union Grille.

FlexCash can also be used in all campus vending machines, laundry machines, the Panther Print Shop, select copiers, ice skate rentals, and the Bookstore.

Off-Campus FlexCash

FlexCash is now accepted at select off-campus food establishments. At these locations, FlexCash may be used to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages. Participating merchants include: Baked Cafe & Bakery, Biederman’s Deli, Burrito Me, Cafe Monte Alto, Chase Street Market, Downtown Pizza, Hong Kong Garden, Subway (downtown Plymouth only), and Mandarin Taste.

Additional locations will be added in the future. Check back in soon!

Add Campus FlexCash Now!

Click here to view a PDF information sheet on FlexCash. Some changes are coming for the 2017-2018 school year, click here to read more.

Advantages of FlexCash


  • Discounts – 5% discount at all on-campus foodservice retail locations.
  • Convenience – No hassle with ATMs or lack of loose change to make your purchase.
  • Safety – No need to carry extra money with you around campus just to get something to eat.
  • Security – If you lose cash, it’s lost. If you lose your ID card you can report it and secure your funds. If you get a new ID card your funds are accessible immediately.
  • Dedicated Money – You know you always have dedicated money for food, snacks, and other campus needs.
  • Value – Using your FlexCash card will get you additional discounts off each meal in Prospect Hall.
  • Viability – Unused CAMPUS FlexCash goes with you from semester to semester and year to year until you leave PSU for any reason. Soon after, any remaining funds are refunded back to your Student Account Services account for eventual refunding. Note: Board FlexCash (issued as part of a meal plan) is not refundable and expires at the close of each semester.
  • Tax-Exempt – Purchases made at on-campus locations with FlexCash by students, faculty and staff are tax-exempt.

FlexCash: The Details

Purchasing FlexCash
Locations for Use
Board FlexCash vs Campus FlexCash
Lost/Replacement IDs
Checking Balance/Usage
The Fine Print