FlexCash is a debit account that can be accessed at a variety of locations around campus with a PSU ID card. There are two types of FlexCash: BOARD FlexCash and CAMPUS FlexCash.

BOARD FlexCash

BOARD FlexCash is issued to students as part of select meal plans and expires at the end of the semester in which it was issued. This type of FlexCash is not refundable.
Beginning Fall 2017 semester, BOARD FlexCash can be used at on-campus foodservice venues, on-campus food and beverage vending machines, and in on-campus laundry equipment. For these on-campus facilities funds are automatically drawn from BOARD FlexCash first and then from CAMPUS FlexCash once depleted.


CAMPUS FlexCash can be purchased by any student (or their families), faculty, or staff and is valid as long as the person is actively associated with PSU (it does not expire). Any balance remaining when the individual leaves PSU gets refunded to the individual’s Student Account Services account.

Add Campus FlexCash Now!

Click here to view a PDF information sheet on FlexCash. Some changes are coming for the 2017-2018 school year, click here to read more.

FlexCash: The Details

Purchasing FlexCash
Locations for Use
Lost/Replacement IDs
Checking Balance/Usage
Advantages of FlexCash
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