FlexCash is money that is electronically stored on your ID card which you can spend on food and beverages in Prospect Hall, Sidewalk Café, the Woods Cafe, Commons Café, Union Grille, and all campus vending machines, laundry machines, copiers, ice skate rentals, and the Bookstore.

Types and Usage

BOARD FlexCash

Included with some meal plans and valid for the semester (it does not carry over to future semesters).


Purchased by any student or staff member and is valid as long as the person is actively associated with PSU. Any balance remaining when the individual leaves PSU gets refunded to the individual’s Bursar account.

The two FlexCash types are linked to combine their balances. Since the BOARD FlexCash expires at the end of each semester, systems are set up to automatically draw from that account first.

Purchasing FlexCash

Add Campus FlexCash Now!

  • Online via MasterCard or Visa

    Funds ($50 minimum) can be deposited to CAMPUS FlexCash accounts with the use of a Visa or MasterCard through our secure web site go.plymouth.edu/addflexcash. This is a great opportunity for parents or family members to purchase FlexCash for their student!

    Funds deposited through this site are not immediately available: A purchase made prior to 4 p.m. on a business day will be credited the morning of the next business day. A purchase made after 4 p.m. will be credited on the morning of the second business day.

  • Via a Credit Balance on your Tuition Bill account

    You may add Campus Flexcash via a Credit Balance on your Tuition Bill. Follow the link for more information and to process the transaction.

    Please contact the Student Account Services at (603) 535-2215 if you have any questions.

  • Value Stations

    There are 3 cash Value Stations located on campus: in the HUB (conveniently located right next to an ATM), in the Center Lodge, and in the Lamson Library entryway. At these stations you can use cash and your PSU ID to deposit funds to your CAMPUS FlexCash account in any amount – and they can be accessed immediately.

Advantages of FlexCash

  • Dedicated Money – You know you always have dedicated money for food and snacks.
  • Convenience – No hassle with ATMs or lack of loose change to make your purchase.
  • Safety – No need to carry extra money with you around campus just to get something to eat.
  • Security – If your cash is lost, it’s gone. If you lose your ID card, we can transfer your FlexCash to your new card that same day.
  • Value – Using your FlexCash card will get you additional discounts off each meal in Prospect Hall.
  • Viability – Unused CAMPUS FlexCash goes with you from semester to semester and year to year until you are no longer associated with PSU.
  • Tax-Exempt – All purchases made with FlexCash are tax-exempt.
  • Discounts – Over 12% off Prospect Dining Hall door rates, 11% off all retail purchases.

Lost/Replacement IDs

Students should take precautions to safe-guard their ID card much like they would an ATM or credit card. Lost or stolen IDs should be reported to the ID Center (located in the HUB) or at the go.plymouth.edu/lostid as soon as possible so the lost ID can be invalidated.

After it’s been reported lost, have the ID card replaced as soon as possible by going to the ID Center in the HUB.

Revisit go.plymouth.edu/lostid if the ID is found before it has been replaced.

When an ID is replaced or reported lost/stolen, it can no longer be utilized. Typically an ID is validated within a few hours of it being issued; however, on some occasions it can take as long as 24 hours. During this period the ID can still be used at the dining hall and retail operations but its functionality is disabled at vending, laundry, copying, and book store areas. The University is not responsible for any misuse of lost or stolen IDs that are not reported as such.