What if I want to change my meal plan?

The deadline to request a meal plan change is established by Residential Life. Please refer to ResLife’s Frequently Asked Questions web page for this information.

If I’m not required to be on a plan, can I still sign up?

Absolutely. Just fill out the forms with Residence Life and they will put you on the plan you desire.

What if I get an out of town visitor? Can they eat?

Yes, you can use your FlexCash, or your guest(s) can pay cash. The FlexCash/cash door prices during the school year in Prospect Hall are:

Meals PSU ID Card w/ FlexCash Cash (PSU Business) Cash (No PSU Business) Cash (Child under 10, Senior over 65)
Breakfast $6.00 $8.00 $8.72 $4.36
Lunch $8.00 $11.00 $11.99 $6.00
Dinner $10.00 $14.00 $15.26 $7.63

Can a friend use my meal card?

Sorry, no one else can use your meal card. The meal plan is considered to be a non-transferable agreement between you and the university and cannot be traded.

What if I get sick and can’t come to eat?

We all feel “under the weather” from time to time, so if you are unable to join us in the dining room, we have a solution for you. Simply fill out the Sick Meal Request form (PDF) that is available online, and ask your friend (or roommate) on the meal plan to bring the completed form to the dining room manager. Take-out meal for sick students should be ordered at the previous meal.

A Sick Meal will contain similar items for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and consists of the following:

  • Option 1: Soup DuJour, Orange Juice, Crackers
  • Option 2: Apple Juice, Yogurt, Banana

Temporary Meal Passes

For your protection, you cannot gain access to Prospect Hall or use your Flex account money in any of our locations without your Plymouth State ID card. The cards are the only way for us to control who is allowed to eat. Think of your card as a pre-paid concert ticket or ticket for a sporting event. If you left the ticket at home, you couldn’t get in to the event…and you can’t get in to the dining hall without your “ticket” as well.

Valid ID cards are required to gain access to Prospect Hall for meals at all times according to the dining contract you signed when you purchased a meal plan. If you do not have a valid ID card, you must do one of the following to eat in Prospect:

  • Come in on a friend’s FlexCash
  • Pay Cash
  • Print a temporary meal pass

Temporary meal passes are available may be obtained by:

  1. Ask the front door checker in Prospect Hall if you can see a manager
  2. While you wait in the lobby, the manager will log your name and ask you for:
    - Your name
    - Your home address
    - Your PSU e-mail account
    - Signature approving billing and the legal ramifications of letting someone else use your ID card.
  3. After verifying that you have a meal plan, the manger will then e-mail a “Temporary Meal Pass” to your PSU e-mail account.
  4. You simply go to your room, the library or a computer cluster on campus and print out the temporary ID.
  5. You then return to Prospect Hall with the temporary ID and turn it in to the front door checker to gain entry.

Temporary meal passes are only good at Prospect hall for meal swipes. They cannot be used anywhere else on campus for exchange meals or to access FlexCash.

The process would have to be repeated for each meal, and although the first time each semester is gratis, students who require more than 1 temporary pass per semester would have the $5.00 cost of a temporary meal pass added to their university account for payment due.

How do I report/replace a lost ID card?

Students should take precautions to safe-guard their ID card much like they would an ATM or credit card. Lost or stolen IDs should be reported to the ID Center (located in the HUB) or at the go.plymouth.edu/lostid as soon as possible so the lost ID can be invalidated.

After it’s been reported lost, have the ID card replaced as soon as possible by going to the ID Center in the HUB.

Revisit go.plymouth.edu/lostid if the ID is found before it has been replaced.

When an ID is replaced or reported lost/stolen, it can no longer be utilized. Typically an ID is validated within a few hours of it being issued; however, on some occasions it can take as long as 24 hours. During this period the ID can still be used at the dining hall and retail operations but its functionality is disabled at vending, laundry, copying, and book store areas. The University is not responsible for any misuse of lost or stolen IDs that are not reported as such.

What if I have special dietary needs?

If you have special dietary needs please bring in a doctor’s description of your specific requirements. Our Registered Dietitian will be happy to assist you.

How can I get more Campus FlexCash?

  • You may add Campus FlexCash online with the use of Visa, Mastercard, or E-Check for any active faculty, staff member, or student having a valid PSU ID Card. Family members, friends, or associates purchasing FlexCash for other parties should inform the recipient so they are aware that they have new funds on their account.
  • You may add Campus Flexcash via a tuition bill credit. Follow the link for more information or to process the transaction. Please contact the Student Account Services at (603) 535-2215 if you have any questions.
  • Campus FlexCash can also be replenished as needed at the Cash-to-Card machines located at:
    • HUB Fireplace Lounge
    • Center Lodge
    • Lamson Library

How do I know what’s on the menu?

The menu is posted in advance and printed weekly menus are available at the nutrition table in Prospect Hall.

What if my schedule doesn’t allow me to come to meal?

Use your FlexCash in the Union Grille. Or try any of our several exchange locations.

Can I take food from Prospect Hall back to my room?

Sorry, in order to keep your costs as low as possible, removal of food and beverages from the dining hall is strictly prohibited. Feel free to use any of our retail or exchange locations for meals to go.

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