Academic Advising

All matriculated students have an academic advisor. Students have the right to choose their advisor and to change their advisor at any time. To change advisors, students should go to the Undergraduate Advising Center or the Office of Undergraduate Studies after securing the approval of the new advisor. No forms are required.

When students declare a major or change their major, a new advisor representing that major is either assigned or chosen by the student. Students are required to obtain their advisor’s signature to request exceptions to academic requirements.

The week preceding initial registration (early April for the upcoming fall semester and early November for the upcoming spring semester) is when students meet with their advisors to plan their next semester schedule of classes. Students should examine the schedule of classes and consult their current Degree Evaluation within myPlymouth (see below) to determine a tentative schedule. Students should bring these materials to the meeting with their advisor where a preferred schedule for the coming semester and a list of second-choice courses will be determined. After consultation with the advisor, students will receive their web reg access code, which is needed to access the online registration system in myPlymouth. Schedule planning for students new to PSU is done during New Student Orientation.

Some courses are offered every semester, others once per year, and others only every other year. Because of this, and because students need to take some courses before taking others, students should plan, in consultation with their advisors, a four-year sequence of courses that meets their degree program requirements. The recommended year to take courses within the major program of study is noted within the descriptions of most majors and options.

Advisors provide students with information concerning alternatives, limitations, and possible outcomes of academic choices as well as to help solve problems that arise in relation to academic work. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that they are making adequate progress toward meeting the requirements of the degree program they have chosen. Students can seek the counsel of anyone they wish toward meeting that end. For questions concerning academic advising, please contact the Undergraduate Advising Center; additional advising information may be found by clicking here.