Will PSU be providing the H1N1 flu vaccine to students, faculty and staff?

The University plans to provide the vaccine, as long as it is available.  The University has submitted an application to the state for the vaccine, but plans are dependent upon the protocol set by state and federal health officials. Initial releases will be targeted to individuals with specific risk factors. The vaccines will likely be released to health care providers in the beginning. For that reason, it is best to look to your own health care provider if you have any of the identified or suspected risk factors, including but not limited to pregnancy and chronic medical conditions like asthma.

Students with identified or suspected risk factors for the H1N1 flu are encouraged to notify University Health Services via the health questionnaire (PDF). Faculty and staff should communicate any risk factors to their personal health care provider.

It may still be a while before the H1N1 vaccine is released in quantities large enough to allow for large clinics to vaccinate healthy populations. The University continues to be involved in local and state planning efforts. So when the vaccine is made available, the University will be ready. In the mean time continue to monitor the PSU Web site, PSU FYI e-mails, and myPlymouth announcements for updates and schedules.

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