Research and Engagement

Research and Engagement at Plymouth State University

Plymouth State University actively seeks engagement with our community, the commercial (for-profit) sector, the not-for-profit sector, and the creative/cultural sector. Our goal is to support existing regional industries and organizations while helping faculty and students develop new connections throughout the global economy. In addition to creating and maintaining deep and productive off-campus networks of partners, our Centers, Institutes, and Engagement Offices maintain relationships between PSU’s academic programs, the integrated clusters, and our off-campus partners. The Following are examples of our engagement:

Type of Engagement Possible Example
Events and Projects Class visit, career fair, semester project, service learning
Short Term Student Placements Volunteer, pre-service placement, co-op, work study
Long Term Student Placements Student teaching, clinical placements, internships
Scholarship and Knowledge Creation Curriculum development, sponsored innovation (tech transfer/IP), joint-teaching, research
University Support Sponsorships, cluster support, philanthropy

This work tends to fit into three broad categories, ranging from informal and short-tern to formal and long-term:

  • Relationships – professional networks, connections, informal inquiries, discrete one-time activities (e.g. class speaker)
  • Collaborations – often based on a specific project, idea, or need. Usually bounded in scope, with mutual commitments of resources (not necessarily financial). Not always fully articulated.
  • Partnerships – long term arrangements of mutual benefit, most always articulated with a formal agreement like an MOU or contract.

Any business or organization is welcome to contact the Centers and Institutes listed under the tab to the left if you are interested in learning more about the various ways to engage with PSU.