Plymouth State University

32nd Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum

Friday, April 15, 2011

8:30 Registration check-in, Rounds Hall First Floor

Check in available until 9:00, then during sessions throughout the day. Coffee, refreshments and vendors are located in Rounds 103

9:00 Opening Ceremony

Convene in front of Rounds Hall

Process from Rounds Hall to the Hartman Union Building (HUB) Fireplace Lounge

  • Reading from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Robin Bowers, Professor Emeritus, Plymouth State University
  • Welcome poem, by Phil O’Mara
  • Opening remarks, Karolyn Kinane, Forum Director and Associate Professor of English, Plymouth State University
  • Welcome from Sara Jayne Steen, President of Plymouth State University
  • Join us all in singing Gaudeamus Igitur, with Mike DiTommaso on trumpet

9:30-10:50 Session 1

Medieval Germanic Epic Rounds 107

Moderator: Angela Weisl, Seton Hall University

Unlocking the Word-Hoard: the Georgic Power of Language in Beowulf, Leah Lederman, University of Toledo

What’s Love Got To Do With It? The Destructive Force of the Peace Pledge Bride in The Volsunga Saga and Beowulf, Melanie Bussiere, Roselle Park High School and Union County College

The Blood Feud, Familial Endurance, and Medieval Cultural Critique in The Saga of the Volsungs, Geoff Watkinson, Seton Hall University

The Spark Between Love and War Rounds 203

Moderator: Bonnie Epstein, Plymouth State University

Devils in the Bridal Chamber: Violent Unions in The King of Tars, Kristi J. Castleberry, University of Rochester

A Fin’amor of Two Knights: Deep Friendship as Chivalric Ethic in the Prose Lancelot, Paul Dingman, University of Rochester

Undergraduate Panel: Malory and His Precursors Rounds 303

Moderator: Peter Schwartz, Elmira College

Arthur’s Italian Campaign:  Greatness Undone in The Alliterative Morte Arthure, Lawrence Willard, Elmira College

Emasculation and Retribution:  The Demise of Arthur in The Alliterative Morte Arthure, John Day, Elmira College

Divine Intervention in Malory’s Tale of the Sangreal, Raymond (Luke) See, Elmira College

Launcelot’s Madness in Le Morte D’Arthur, Rachel Plass, Elmira College

Love, Friendship, and Devotion across Cultures Rounds 204

Moderator: Ivy Page, Plymouth State University

Love is Blindness: Reflections of Ascetic Monasticism in Irish 7th-10th Century Manuscript Illumination, Laura McCloskey, George Mason University

Public and Virtuous? Public or virtuous? A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the

Phenomenon of Friendship in the French Court and in Late Ming China, Ana Carolina Hosne, European University Institute and Christian Kühner, European University Institute

Love, Friendship, and Relations with/toward God – Sufis and Theologians, Joseph Aieta, III, Lasell College

Laughter and Sex in Shakespeare Rounds 304

Moderator: Brian Kosanovich, Plymouth State University/Loomis Chaffee

Love and Remarriage in Shakespeare’s Middle Class: The Case of Mistress Quickly, Emily Sloan-Pace, University of California, Santa Cruz

What Lies Beneath: The Complex Significance of Lancelot Gobbo in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, Roberta Lynne Staples, Sacred Heart University

Clowns and Catharsis in Shakespearean Drama, Philip O’Mara, Independent Scholar

Engaging the Disengaged: A Workshop on Connecting ESL, LD and Disinterested Students to Medieval & Renaissance Studies Hartman Union Building 109

Organizers: Raffaele Florio, Regis College; Forrest Helvie, Norwalk Community College; Meriem Pagès, Keene State College


11:05-12:25 Session 2

Undergraduate Panel: Aelred of Rievaulx’s Spiritual Friendship in Context Rounds 107

Moderator: Josephine Bloomfield, Ohio University

Charity and Hierarchy: Aelred of Rievaulx’s Struggle to Adapt Ciceronian Friendship, Elana Harnish, Ohio University

Beowulf and His Spiritual Friend, Aelred of Rievaulx: Cross-cultural Cultivation of Love through Friendship, Brittany Stein, Ohio University

Spiritual Friends and Earthly Lovers: Aelred of Rievaulx, Adam and Eve, and Medieval Love and Marriage, Alana Dakin, Ohio University

Love, Marriage, and Friendship: Ideal and Reality Rounds 203

Moderator: Mona Logarbo, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Marital Relationships in the York Mystery Plays: Procula, Pilate, and Medieval

Misogyny, Jerimiah Bergstrom, Lesley College

Prayers for the Dearly Departed: Visitations from Ghostly Spouses in Post-Conquest Medieval England, Richard Burley, Boston College

William of Ebesham and the Pastons, Paulette Barton, University of Maine, Orono

Malory’s Outsiders Rounds 303

Moderator: Forrest C. Helvie, Norwalk Community College

Malory’s Tristram: Interlaced, Undermined, and Discarded, Jim Slocombe, Champlain College/Bishop’s University

The Enigmatic Sir Lamerok: Malory’s Solitary Hero, Gary LaPointe, Elmira College   The Introduction to “The Knight of the Cart”:  Malory’s Satire on Courtly Love and Chivalry, Peter Schwartz, Elmira College

Spiritual and Earthly Love in Early Modern Spain Rounds 204

Moderator: Barbara Lopez-Mayhew, Plymouth State University

A Complex Marriage of Love and Fear in Juan de Valdés’s Diálogo de doctrina Cristiana, Mitchell A. McCoy, Baylor University

Misogamy as Female Desire in Celestina, the Spanish Tragicomedy of the Early Renaissance, Peter Cocozzella, Binghamton University

My Beloved’s Green Eyes: Portraiture and Fatal Desire in Celestina, Nicholas Ealy, University of Hartford

Love, Marriage, and Law Rounds 304

Moderator: Elaine Allard, Plymouth State University

A Case Study: A Marriage Contract in 13th-Century Kingdom of Castile-Leòn, Paulette L. Pepin, University of New Haven

The Regulation of Spousal Abandonment in Zwingli’s Zurich: Evidence from the Marriage Court, 1525-1531, Kirk W. Goodlet, University of Waterloo

The Case of Hans Hall: Gender Identity in Late-Medieval Germany, Josh Burson, Southern New Hampshire University

Examining the Self and Re-Imagining the Past Hartman Union Building (HUB) 109

Moderator: Brian Kosanovich, Plymouth State University/Loomis Chaffee

Rediscovering Selfhood: A Look at Self-Fashioning through Renaissance Lyric

Poetry, James Rooney, Seton Hall University

“You are my Father and Mother”: Love, Friendship, and the Surrogate Family in Medieval Novels for Young Adults, Angela Jane Weisl, Seton Hall University

From ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to ‘Letters to Juliet’: Elizabethan Tragedy Re-envisioned as Romantic Comedy, Charles R. Forker, Indiana University

12:45 Lunch HUB Hage Room (formerly MPR) (pre registration required)

1:30 Medieval Society Live Chess Match HUB

2:25-3:45 Session 3

Approaches to Medieval Women I Rounds 107

Moderators: Gail Ivy Berlin and Gregory Luke Chwala
Anti-Feminism and Manicules in Thomas Speght’s 1602 Edition of Chaucer’s Works, Angela Geosits, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Hildegard of Bingen’s Animals and the Bestiary Tradition, Theodore William Sery, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
A Proppian Analysis of St. Katherine of Alexandria: Virgin Martyr and Faerie-tale Princess, Scott Sheets, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Persecuted Love Rounds 203

Moderator: Ivy Page, Plymouth State University

Learning to Love the Other: Intermarriage in Medieval Iberia, Wilson Garcia, Plymouth State University

Love, Marriage, and Murder: The Saracen Princess in England, Meriem Pagès, Keene State College

“No Home for My Sick Wife and My Little Children”: Familial Love Among 16th Century Dutch Anabaptists, Donald Hochstetler, Worcester State University

Medieval English Religious Literature Rounds 204

Moderator: Karolyn Kinane, Plymouth State University

An Edition of Wulfstan’s ‘Admonition to Bishops’: A Commentary and Work in Progress, Nicholas Schwartz, University of New Mexico

The Metrical Life of St. Cuthbert: Or, Why Read Medieval Saints’ Lives?, Robert Kellerman, The University of Maine at Augusta

Courting a Holy Virgin: Marriage and Conversion in the South English Legendary Life of St. Juliana, Natalia Khomenko, York University

Spiritual, Chivalric, and Collegial Love in Chaucer Rounds 303

Moderator: Tom Napierkowski, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

“Allas, That Any of My Nacioun Sholde Evere So Foule Disparaged Be!”: Marital Love and the Proto-Feminist Revision of Knightly Values in The Wife of Bath’s Tale, Carly Campbell, Ohio University

Love Thy Neighbor: Reading Matthew into Chaucer’s The Prioress’s Tale, Mary Brett Koplen, Ohio University

The Hole in Chaucer’s Knowledge: Collegiality and the Transmission of Medieval Scientific Thought, Josephine Bloomfield, Ohio University

“With this Ring” : Marriage Rituals, Social Status and Education in Fifteenth-Century Florence Rounds 304

Moderator: Daniel Moore, Plymouth State University

Exploring Workshop Conventions and Inventions in the Creation of Cassone Iconography: The Journey of the Queen of Sheba, B. A. Beall Fofana, Assumption College

Lucky Number Seven: Pesselino’s Birmingham Cassone Panels, Marriage and Gender Ideals for Men and Women in Early Renaissance Florence, Dena Gilby, Endicott College

Strategies of Coupling in a Fifteenth-Century Chessboard, Kristin Solias, Endicott College

4:00-5:00 p.m. Longbow Archery Demonstration

4:00-5:20 Session 4

Diagnosing Spiritual Women: Beatrice of Nazareth and Margery Kempe Rounds 107

Moderator: Meredith Clermont-Ferrand, Eastern Connecticut University

The Maddening of Beatrice: A Modern Psychoanalytical Perspective of Beatrice of Nazareth, Heather Cyr, Eastern Connecticut State University

The Heartbreaking Misdiagnosis of Margery Kempe, Ashley Sousa, Central Connecticut State University

Ownership of the Flesh:  Margery Kempe’s Freedom through Christ, Rachael Warmington, Seton Hall University

Dante and His Contemporaries Rounds 203

Moderator: Jennifer Green, Plymouth State University

Purgatory and the Masochistic Fantasy: Desire, Punishment, and Matriarchy, Theodore Hart, Seton Hall University

Cecco d’Ascoli on the Physiology of Love, Diane Murphy, Unity College

Spiritual and Earthly Love and Friendship in Dante’s Divina Commedia, Claire-Marie Hart, North Shore Community College

Milton on Love and Marriage Rounds 204

Moderator: Robin Bowers, Plymouth State University

Separation Anxiety: Adam, Eve, and Marital Discord in Milton’s Garden, Christine Auger, University of South Florida

Rendering the Semantic Field of Help Meet: Etymology and the “True” Meaning of Marriage in Paradise Lost and the Divorce Tracts, Peter J. Roccia, Grant MacEwan University

Grand Illusions and Disappointing Realities in Early Modern Europe Rounds 303

Moderator: Gary Bouchard, St Anselm’s College

Beyond Fidelity: Love and the Monarchy in Three Tudor Plays, Tanya Anderson, University of North Texas

“For All Our Science and Art / We Can Know Nothing”: The Destructive Quest for Knowledge in Faust Narratives, Geraldine Poppke Suter, James Madison University

Kings’ Games Played Upon Scaffolds: The Stage Analogies of Thomas More, William G. Marx, Michigan State University

Teaching the Middle Ages Rounds 304

Moderator: Meriem Pagès, Keene State College

Making Chaucer Relevant to High School Seniors of Various Ability Levels, Patricia Hageman, Hollis-Brookline High School

Podcasting and Pedagogy, Andrea R. Harbin, SUNY Cortland

5:30-6:30 President’s Reception at the home of President Sara Jayne Steen and Joseph Bourque

6:30-7:30 Dinner (pre registration required) Hartman Union Building (HUB) Hage Room (formerly MPR)

7:30 “‘Ernest of game’:  Robin Hood, the Game Show” Hartman Union Building (HUB) Hage Room (formerly MPR)

An informal dramatic reading of a play written for this year’s Forum by Donna Prescott

8:00 p.m. “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” at The Flying Monkey, downtown Plymouth

Saturday, April 16, 2011

9:00-10:20 Session 5

Approaches to Medieval Women II Rounds 107

Moderator: Gail Ivy Berlin

Breaking Free From the Chains of Courtly Love: The Trobairitz and Their Views on Love, Amy Klemm, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Silence the Social Hermaphrodite! Gender Subversion in Heldris’s Roman de Silence, Gregory Luke Chwala, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Le Roman de Silence: Nature’s Unsuccessful Victory, Mehgan Sobel, Seton Hall University

Love and Friendship in Twelfth-Century Ecclesiastical Writings Rounds 203

Moderator: Mona Logarbo, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

“The Coat of Many Colors:” The Gendering of Affectivity in Aelred of Rievaulx’s Rule of Life for a Recluse, Jesse Pyle, Ohio University

For a Mother’s Love: The Role of Maternal Affection in the Regulation of Aristocratic Anger, Kate McGrath, Central Connecticut State University

Aelred of Rievaulx’s On Spiritual Friendship and the Rule of Saint Benedict, Rev. John R. Fortin, O.S.B., Saint Anselm College

Questioning Chaucer Rounds 204

Moderator: Josephine Bloomfield, Ohio University

Chaucer’s Tale of Melibee: Sentence and Solaas—Medieval and Modern, Thomas J. Napierkowski, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Best Frenemies: Chaucer’s Parson, the Host and Lollard Swearing, Meredith Clermont-Ferrand, Eastern Connecticut State University

Le Roman de Renart, Chaucer, and The Nun’s Priest Tale, Brian Campbell, Vanier College

Catholic Reflections on Love, Marriage, and Death Rounds 303

Moderator: Kathy Tardif, Plymouth State University

Popes in Purgatory:  the Advancement of Empire in Dante’s Comedy, Robert Hough, Seton Hall University

Sacramental Love and Sacred Friendship: Catholic Spirituality of Marriage during the Renaissance, Kathleen Wesolek, DePaul University

One Flesh: John Donne, Marriage and Martyrdom, Gary M. Bouchard, Saint Anselm College

Art History Rounds 304

Moderator: Jennifer Green, Plymouth State University

Disputatio in Sculpture: Interactive Learning on the Façade at Sens, Nicole E. Ford, Independent Scholar

The Sexual “Bella Donna”: A Maiolica Plate from the Corcoran Gallery of Art Collection, Kaja Rosenqvist, Smithsonian-Corcoran

“Monte le desire: Chasing Love in the Devonshire Hunting Tapestries, Margaret Lally, University of Virginia

Medieval Werewolves Rounds 322

Moderator: Ivy Page, Plymouth State University

Mistaken Identities, Arbitrary Appearances, and the Friendly Werewolves of the Medieval Lycanthropy Narratives, Alyssa Robinson, Seton Hall University

MonsterMash:  Would the Real, Loyal Human Please Stand Up?; Humane Monstrosity in William of Palerne, Deirdre A. Riley, Seton Hall University

Marriage & Genre in Bisclavret, Carl G. Martin, Norwich University

10:35-11:55 Session 6

Medieval Literature and Its Christian Context Rounds 107

Moderator: Roberta Staples, Sacred Heart University

Marry or Burn: The Church Fathers and the Struggle to Define Marriage, Devin Green, Marlboro College

The Dynamic Character in ‘The Dream of the Rood’, Ben Bradley, Sacred Heart University

Human Nature and Chivalry:  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight–A Case in Point, Ashley Roemer, Sacred Heart University

Reading Chaucer in America Rounds 203

Moderator:  Paulette Barton, University of Maine, Orono

The Adams Family Chaucers, M. C. E. Shaner, University of Massachusetts—Boston

The William Van Wyck Translation of The Canterbury Tales, Illustrated by Rockwell Kent, Geraldine S. Branca, Merrimack College

Female Saints Rounds 204

Moderator: Kathy Tardif, Plymouth State University

[De]sexualizing the Saints in the Middle Ages, Nicolyna Enriquez, Colby College

Mystical Attraction: the Ovidian Physics of Beatrice of Nazareth’s Spiritual Journey, Chris Freeman, UW-Stout

Ursula, Hildegard, and Their Virgins: The Office of St. Ursula at Rupertsberg, Vincent Corrigan, Bowling Green State University

Women and Violence Rounds 304

Moderator: Carl G. Martin, Norwich University

Deception, Manipulation and Instances of Female Violence in the Fifteen
Joys of Marriage
, Anne M. Caillaud, Grand Valley State University

Consuming to Re-Member: Cannibalism and the Body Politic in Titus Andronicus, Jason Beaudin, Harrisburg Area Community College

Sexual Violence, Symbolic and Real, in Wolfram’s Parzival, Robert G. Sullivan, University of Massachusetts–Amherst

Regis College Undergraduate Poster Session Display and Discussion Rounds 303

Ana Alessi: Architectural Designs and Inscriptions in Medieval Churches

Tom Harrington: Looking East: Integrating the “other” Medieval History into the Western Narrative,

Christina Kambouris: Hellenistic Devotions in the Age of Christendom

Sarah McNult: The Evil Eye: Cultural Resilience and Christian Conformity

Sal Biddy: The Way of the Cross: the hero’s journey in medieval garb

Alyson Soroza and Aniesha Andrews, topics tbd.

12:15 Lunch HUB Hage Room (pre registration required)

1:00 Keynote lecture (free and open to the public)

“How Human Life Began”: Sexual Reproduction in Paradise Lost

Dr. Thomas Luxon, Professor of English and Cheheyl Professor and Director of the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning at Dartmouth College. Dr. Luxon has published widely on Milton, Shakespeare, and Early Modern England. He is the author of Single Imperfection: Milton, Marriage and Friendship (Duquesne University Press, 2005), and Literal Figures: Puritan Allegory and the Reformation Crisis in Representation (The University of Chicago Press, 1995), and the creator/editor of The Milton Reading Room, a web edition of Milton’s poetry and selected prose.

2:15 Letterpress demonstration Draper and Maynard Building 301

Elizabeth Ahl, Plymouth State University

3:00-4:20 Session 7

Love and Marriage in Medieval French Literature Rounds 322

Moderator: Theodore Petro, New England College

Chrétien’s Deconstruction of Courtly Love in Cligés, Paul Pastorini, Seton Hall University

Erec and Enide:  The Church’s Ideal Marriage, David Fritts, Henderson Community College

The Discourse of Marriage in the Fabliaux: Preaching Affection and Understanding through Negative Exempla, Patricia Sokolski, LaGuardia Community College/CUNY

Women in The Canterbury Tales Rounds 203

Moderator:  Melanie Bussiere, Roselle Park High School and Union County College

What does the Wife of Bath have to do with it? Griselda and Sovereignty in Chaucer’s Clerk’s Tale, Jason D. Lubinski, University of Toledo

Mastering the Feminine Market: Renegotiating Conjugal Debt in The Shipman’s Tale, Chelsea Lambert Skalak, University of Virginia

The “Povre Widwe” in the Nun’s Priest’s Tale, Lisa LeBlanc, Anna Maria College

Crime, Crisis, and Justice in Late Medieval Europe Rounds 204

Moderator: Joshua Burson, Southern New Hampshire University

“As if Hell Itself Were Raging”: John Gower, Caritas, and the Great Rising, Kara L. McShane, University of Rochester

Judicial Authority at the Council of Basel: 1431-1438, Denise Kawasaki, SUNY Empire State College

Royal grace, Royal Punishment: Ceremonial Entries and the Pardoning of Criminals in Later Medieval and Renaissance France, Neil Murphy, University of Winchester

Medieval Roots, Modern Dreams Rounds 303

Moderator: Arthur Fried, Plymouth State University

Introducing the Medieval Roots of Modern Gender Equality, Robert Myles, McGill University

Print Warfare and Foxe’s The Book of Martyrs: Woodcuts as an Early Modern Precursor to 20th-21st Century Comics, Forrest C. Helvie, Norwalk Community College

Prince Valiant and Beyond: (Re-)Assessing the Corpus of Medieval-Themed Comics, Michael A. Torregrossa, Independent Scholar


Same-Sex Love and Friendship Rounds 304

Moderator: Marla Segol, Skidmore College

Quia amore langueo: The Virgin and the Female Voice in Old French and Middle English Lyric, Alice Cooley, University of Toronto

Female Friendships in Renaissance Florence, Megan Moran, Queensborough College, CUNY

The Campion Code: The Lute Songs of Thomas Campion and Male Homosocial Culture in Renaissance England, Katarina A Karlsson, University of Gothenburg

Friendship, Courtship, and Competition in The Roaring Girl, Rebecca Lartigue, Springfield College

5:00-9:00 p.m. Medieval Feast and Renaissance Dance (pre registration required) Prospect Dining Hall, Newfound Room (cash bar)

Featuring the Ken Pierce Dance Company

Costumes encouraged.



Dr. Karolyn Kinane


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