Amy M. Villamagna

Asst. Professor of Environmental Science & Policy, Center for the Environment

Office: 232A Boyd Hall
Phone: 603-535-2177


Ph.D. Fisheries & Wildlife Science, Virginia Tech M.S. Sustainable Development & Conservation Biology, University of Maryland
B.A. Environmental Studies – Policy, Eckerd College

About Professor Villamagna

Dr. Villamagna uses a combination of field and GIS methods to explore how changes in land use and climate affect ecosystems. By incorporating principles of landscape, ecosystem, and community ecology, she identifies key patterns and processes in natural and semi-natural environments. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Biological Conservation, Adaptive Management, Conservation Ecology, Environmental Sustainability, Invasion Ecology, and various conservation-themed seminars.

Courses (undergraduate)

  • Introduction to Environmental Science and Policy I


  • GIS Applications in Environmental Science

Courses (graduate)

  • Applied Environmental GIS

Recent Publications (*student collaborators)

Villamagna, A., L. Scott*, and J. Gillespie. 2015. Collateral benefits from public and private

conservation lands: a comparison of ecosystem service capacities. Environmental

Conservation. 1-12.
Villamagna, A., B. Mogollón*, and P. Angermeier. 2014. A multi-indicator framework for

mapping cultural services: the case of freshwater recreational fishing. Ecological

Indicators 45, 255-265.
Villamagna, A., N. Niazi*, and P. Angermeier. 2013. Evaluating Opportunities to Enhance

Ecosystem Services in Public Use Areas. Ecosystem Services 7: 167–176 Villamagna, A. and C. Giesecke*. 2013. Adapting a Human Well-being Framework for

Ecosystem Service Assessment. Ecology and Society. 19 (1): 11.
Villamagna, A., P. Angermeier, and E. Bennett. 2013. Capacity, Demand, Pressure, and Flow: A

conceptual framework for analyzing ecosystem service provision and delivery. Ecological Complexity 15:114-121