Carol Jowdy

Carol Jowdy
Teaching Lecturer / Studio Art

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Teaching Lecturer, Art

BA., University of New Hampshire, MFA, University of Pennsylvania

Office: D&M 214

About Professor Jowdy
Carol Jowdy is an artist and educator; a painter, printmaker, and landscape designer. She draws, paints in watercolor, oil, and encaustic, and enjoys many forms of printmaking. She has been a lecturer at Plymouth State University since 1994. Her work has been exhibited locally and nationally, and she is the recipient of numerous Artist-in-Residence Fellowships, and % for Arts Commissions, as well as artist’s awards. Carol is on the NH State Council for the Arts Artist-in Education Roster where she brings creative programs into schools, prisons and similar venues.

In 2006, Carol received a Master’s Degree in Ecological Landscape Design from the Landscape Institute of Harvard University. Since then, she has integrated her love for the arts and her desire to make a difference by promoting sustainable, low-impact landscape design. In 2008, she designed an Integrative Connections (INCO) course for PSU, titled the Art of Sustainability. The course invites students from all majors to explore their personal footprint on the planet and to learn how to use creativity to improve life on Earth. As an environmental educator, Carol makes an impact by teaching Best Management Practices (BMP) in the landscape, and by lecturing and teaching at conferences and educational venues.

When Carol is not teaching and learning, she can be found hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, kayaking, gardening, breathing into the moment, living in gratitude, and reaching beneath the surface to bring meaning to the here and now.