Cheryl A. Coker, PhD

Office Location: D&M Building Rm 430
Office Phone: (603) 535-3113
Mail Stop: MSC 22

About Professor Coker

Dr. Coker is a motor learning specialist who draws from her experiences as an athlete and coach to assist practitioners in putting theory into practice. She has given over 100 presentations throughout the US and internationally and has authored numerous journal articles, book chapters and the textbook Motor Learning and Control for Practitioners which has been well received for its applications based approach. Dr. Coker has served in numerous leadership capacities at the state, district and national level and is a Fellow of both the Research Consortium in the Society of Health and Physical Educators and of the North American Society of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance Professionals.

Selected publications

Kautzman, B., Kase, J. & Coker, C.A. (In press). Evaluation of Functional Movement Quality in Female Collegiate Dancers. Journal of Dance Medicine & Science.

Coker, C.A. & Herrick, B. (In press). Functional movement proficiency’s association to actual and perceived motor competence. Journal of Motor Learning and Development.

Coker, C.A.  (2021). Motor skill learning for effective coaching and performance. In J.M. Williams and V. Krane (Eds.), Applied Sport Psychology; Personal Growth to Peak Performance. 8th Edition. (pp. 19-39). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company.

Coker, C.A. (2019). Influence of cueing strategies on gaze behavior during observational learning. The Physical Educator, 76, 990-1001.

Coker, C.A. (2019). Combining attentional focus strategies: Effects and adherence. The Physical Educator, 76(1), 98-109

Coker, C.A. (2018). Motor Learning and Control for Practitioners. 4th Edition, New York, NY: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

Coker, C.A. (2018) Kinematic effects of varying attentional instructions for standing long jump among young adolescents. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 125(6), 1093–1102.

Coker, C.A. (2018). Improving functional movement proficiency in middle school physical education. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 89, 367-372.

Coker, C.A. (2017). Error correction: 5 Tips to FIX IT. NSCA Coach, 4(4), 14-16.

Selected Presentations

Coker, C.A. Effects of Attentional Focus Instructions on Standing Long Jump Performance in Early Adolescents, NASPSPA, Montreal, Canada, June 2016

Coker, C.A. Internal Focus Cue Specificity: Are the Benefits of an External Focus a Function of a Misdirected Internal Focus? NASPSPA, Portland, OR, June 2015.

Coker, C.A. Well Why Didn’t You Say So? SHAPE America, Seattle, WA, March 2015.

Coker, C.A. How Far is Too Far? Perceived Attainability and the Distance Effect of an External Focus of Attention. NASPSPA, Minneapolis, MN, June 2014.

Overdorf, V. & Coker, C.A. Perceived competence and physical activity in older female adults. International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education (AIESEP) World Congress, Auckland, New Zealand, February 2014.

Awards or recognition

Honor Award, AAHPERD – 2013

Fellow, NAS – 2013

Southwest District Presidential Citation – 2010

Margaret Paulding Lecturer, Eastern District AAHPERD – 2010

NMAHPERD Professional Honor Award – 2007

Southwest District AAHPERD Scholar – 2006

Southwest District AAHPERD Honor Award -2003

Fellow, Research Consortium, AAHPERD  – 2002