Christine Axen

Faculty in Residence/Assistant Professor of Ancient/Medieval European History

BA, New York University; MA, PhD, Boston University


Memorial 112


Christine Axen earned her Ph.D. in Medieval History at Boston University, where she studied religious Southern French history under Dr. Deeana Klepper. Her interests include mapping sacred space and landscapes, medieval bishops, and the history of Provence in the Middle Ages. At Plymouth, Dr. Axen teaches several courses in medieval European history, including Ancient and Medieval Civilizations, Medieval Legacies in Our Modern Era, and Spirituality and Physicality in the Middle Ages: the Medieval Body. She looks forward to developing classes on medieval religious practices, women, and pilgrimage.

Currently, Dr. Axen is working on a project that uses Latin charters to explore the religious life of the thirteenth-century nuns of St Catherine’s convent in Avignon, France.