Daniel Lee, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Economics, School of Business

Email: sclee1@plymouth.edu


BA, California State University Domingues Hills
MA, California State University Los Angeles
Ph. D, Claremont Graduate University


Daniel Lee completed a Ph.D. in economics in 2007, and was hired to teach at Plymouth State University that same year. Lee has since actively engaged in economic research for the region’s business community. In 2010, Lee created the North Country Economic Index, which tracks the economic status of the Coos County and New Hampshire. In 2012, Lee joined a team that conducts the state’s tourism research for the Division of Travel and Tourism Development and served as New Hampshire’s tourism economist for the next four years. In 2014, Lee was appointed by Governor Maggie Hassan to the New Hampshire Economic Development Advisory Council. Later in 2014, Lee started an innovative program at Plymouth Elementary School to teach young children economics, with participating local area businesses providing real world problems. In 2015, Lee started a business consulting firm. In 2016, Lee was voted to the statewide Committee of New Hampshire EPSCoR. In 2017, Lee helped introduce data analytics to the business curriculum at Plymouth State University.


North Country Economic Index 

Does Foreign Direct Investment Increase Corruption in Host Countries, (with Sunghee Choi), Journal of Economic Studies, 1 (29) (2011), 211-250 
Income Inequality and Marriage, (with Kwang Woo Park and Myeong Hwan Kim), Economics Bulletin, 15(20) (2007), 1-12 

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