Daniel Lee

Associate Professor of Economics

BA, California State University Domingues Hills; MA, California State University Los Angeles; PhD, Claremont Graduate University
Email: sclee1@plymouth.edu

About Professor Lee

Daniel S.C. Lee graduated from the Claremont Graduate University with a Ph.D. in economics in 2007. Lee has since taught both undergraduate and graduate level economics courses at Plymouth State University. Lee is a tourism economist for the state government of New Hampshire since 2012. Lee has also published a periodic economic report for the state of New Hampshire and Coos County, New Hampshire since 2010. The report is coined as “the North Country Economic Index.” He is also a faculty fellow at the Center for Rural Partnerships, Plymouth State University, and has engaged in research projects serving the local communities. He is a project economist at the Institute for New Hampshire Studies, and has conducted economic impact studies for tourism-related organizations in the State of New Hampshire. He is a member of the Regional Science Association International.

Research Contracts/Grants

  • Tourism research contract for the Division of Travel and Tourism Development at the New Hampshire Department of Resource and Economic Development, 2012-14 (as an economist with the Institute for New Hampshire Studies at Plymouth State University).
  • PSU-Coos Outreach Initiative for the North Country Economic Index awarded by Center for Rural Partnerships and the Neil & Louise Tillotson Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, 2008-2012.
  • Economic impact study for the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, 2012.
  • Economic impact study for the New Hampshire Campground Owners        Association, 2012.
  • Economic impact study for the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association, March   2012.
  • Socioeconomic Study for the White Mountain National Forest, the USDA, 2011-12 (as an economist in collaboration with the Center for Rural Partnerships at Plymouth State University).
  • Faculty Research and Scholarship Fund awarded by Plymouth State University, 2011.


  • “North Country Economic Index,” January 2010 to date www.plymouth.edu/ncei
  • “Does Foreign Direct Investment Increase Corruption in Host Countries,” (with Sunghee Choi), Journal of Economic Studies, 1 (29) (2011), 211-250
  • “Income Inequality and Marriage,” (with Kwang Woo Park and Myeong Hwan Kim), Economics Bulletin, 15(20) (2007), 1-12

Courses Taught

IS-1111: First Year Seminar: Data Analytics
EC-2000: Survey of Modern Economics
EC-2550: Principles of Macroeconomics
EC-2560: Principles of Microeconomics
BU-3100: Financial Modeling
EC 3510: Intermediate Macroeconomics
BU-4090: ST: Sports Data Analytics
EC-4440: International Economics
EC-4460: Money and Banking

BU-5210: Economic Analysis

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