Eric Kelsey

Research Professor

BS, University of Missouri; MS,SUNY – Albany; PhD, University of New Hampshire

About Professor Kelsey

Originally from Nashua, New Hampshire, Dr. Kelsey ventured west into tornado alley to study atmospheric science as an undergraduate.  While studying in Missouri, he worked part-time as an on-air weather forecaster for the NBC-affiliate KOMU. He earned his Masters degree by studying the synoptic-dynamic environment that led to events associated with evolution of Super Typhoon Dale (1996), including its post-tropical phase. He returned to New Hampshire for his PhD where he merged his passion for the weather with climate change. He developed a novel ice core calibration procedure for identifying the seasonal atmospheric circulation patterns that produce climate signals in ice cores from Yukon, Canada and studied large scale sea-level pressure and temperature variability. In 2008, he was a part of a team that traversed glaciers in Denali National Park taking snow and shallow firn core samples to determine a suitable location to drill a surface to bedrock ice core.

His research interests include boundary layer impacts on elevation dependent warming in the Northeast, cold pool formation in mountain valleys, boundary layer dynamics in montain environments, cold-air damming in New England, and using the WRF model to produce improved weather forecasts for the higher elevations of the Northeast.

Selected publications/presentations/exhibitions

Green, M.B., B.K. Laursen, J.L. Campbell, K.J. McGuire, and E.P. Kelsey, 2015: Stable water isotopes suggest sub-canopy water recycling in a northern forested catchment. Hydrological Processes. doi:10.1002/hyp.10706.

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Heeps, D., E.P. Kelsey, K. Cronin, S. Al-Momar, B. Kawzenuk, K. Laro, J. Opatz, E. Rinehart, V. Urango, submitted: Evaluation of planetary boundary layer schemes in WRF-ARW model simulations of the nocturnal boundary layer in Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire.

Jones, K.F., G. Thompson, K.J. Claffey, and E.P. Kelsey, 2014: Gamma distribution parameters for cloud drop distributions from multicylinder measurements. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 53, 1606-1617.

Kelsey, E.P., C.P. Wake, E.C. Osterberg and K.J. Kreutz, 2013: A surprise in the North Pacific: Results from applying a new nonlinear method for calibrating ice cores. American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas, 6-10 Jan.

Kelsey, E.P., C.P. Wake, E.C. Osterberg and K.J. Kreutz, 2012b: Reconstructing winter North Pacific sea-level pressure anomalies over the past three centuries using a new calibration method with the Eclipse and Mt. Logan ice cores. Abstract PP33A-2081 presented at 2012 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, Calif., 3-7 Dec..

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