Eric M. Laflamme

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Director, Statistical Consulting Center

BA, Bucknell University; MPS, Cornell University; PhD, University of New Hampshire

Office: Hyde Hall 305
Phone: 603-535-2970

Fall Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 1:30pm – 2:30pm
or by appointment

About Professor Laflamme

Eric Laflamme earned his PhD in mathematics from UNH, a Masters degree in applied statistics from Cornell University, and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Bucknell University. His research includes work on traffic operations, climate change impact, and extreme value theory.  Eric is passionate about applying statistics to solve real-world problems and teaching.  He has been serving as the Director of PSU’s Statistical Consulting Center since 2013. A native of New Hampshire, Eric is an avid skier and cyclist.

Selected publications/presentations/exhibitions

  • Ossenbruggen, P.J and M. LAFLAMME (2019). Explaining Freeway Breakdown with Geometric Brownian Motion Model.  Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems, 145 (9).
  • LAFLAMME, E.M. and Ossenbruggen, P.J. (2018). Estimation of Stochastic Traffic Capacity Using Extreme Value Theory and Censoring: A Case Study in Salem, New Hampshire.  Archives of Transport, Volume 48 (4), pp. 61-75.
  • Leasi, F., Sevigny, J., LAFLAMME, E.M., Artois, T., Curini-Galletti, M., de Jesus Navarrete, A., Di Domenico, M., Goetz, F., Hall, J.A., Hochberg, R., Jörger, K.M., Jondelius, U., Todaro, M.A., Wirshing, H.H., Norenburg, J.L., Thomas, W.K. (2018).  Biodiversity estimates and ecological interpretations of meiofaunal communities are biased by the taxonomic approach.  Nature Communications Biology, December, 2018, DOI:  1038/s42003-018-0119-2
  • LAFLAMME, E.M. and Ossenbruggen, P.J. (2017). Effect of time-of-day and day-of-the-week on congestion duration and breakdown: A case study at a bottleneck in Salem, NH.  Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Volume 4 (1), pp. 31-40.
  • Grade, T., Pokras, M.A., LAFLAMME, E., and Vogel, H.S. (2017) Population-Level Effects of Lead Fishing Tackle on Common Loons. Journal of Wildlife Management, Volume 82 (1), pp. 155-164.

Awards or recognition

  • Distinguished Mathematics Professor 2014-2015, PSU Math Association

Courses Taught

MA 2300     Statistics I
MA 2550     Calculus I
MA 3280     Regression Analysis
MA 3500     Probability & Statistics for Scientists
MA 3510     Differential Equations