Fawn Ouellette

Adjunct Faculty, Communication and Media Studies

Samuel Read Hall 315



About Professor Ouellette

Fawn Ouellette graduated from Plymouth State in 1996 with an Interdisciplinary degree concentrating in Marketing and Recreation. After graduating she put her degree to work in the ski industry. Knowing that she was a “Plymouth Girl” at heart she found herself back at Plymouth State University working full time and completing her M.Ed. in Educational Leadership as well as her Strategic Marketing Management MBA Certification. In 2014 she was accepted into the Doctorate Program. She remains in her administrative role and teaches part time for the university.

Courses Taught

Introduction to Communication (UG)

Human Communication and Conflict (UG)

First Year Seminar (UG)

Public Relations (MBA-Grad)

Seminar in Organizational Communication (MBA-Grad)