Gillian Benedetti


BS, Florida State University; MS, Florida State University


About Gillian Benedetti:

Gillian Benedetti is a Teaching Lecturer at PSU. Gillian was a Program Coordinator in Special Education as well as an undergraduate and graduate Faculty Lecturer in Education and Special Education in higher education. Prior to that, Gillian was an elementary and middle school teacher who worked with students with disabilities and English language learners and she was an adult education teacher who worked with adult English language learners.


Lie (Benedetti), G. The Far Model: Increasing Rural Access to Special Education Teacher Preparation. 35th Annual Conference of the American Council of Rural Special Education, Las Vegas, NV, 2016.


Distinguished Faculty Appreciation Award 2016


CD 1000 – Children and Youth in Schools

ED 3051 – Designing Positive Learning Environments

SE 3090 – Introduction to Special Education for Middle and Secondary

EL 5400 – Inclusive Supports and Accommodations