Jason Cordeira

Associate Professor of Meteorology

BS, Plymouth State University; MS, PhD, State University of New York-Albany

Office Location: Boyd Science Center Rm 315
Office Phone: (603) 535-2410
Mail Stop: MSC 48
Email: j_cordeira@plymouth.edu

About Professor Cordeira:

Jason Cordeira teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in Meteorology. Prior to joining the faculty at Plymouth State, Jason held a fellowship at the Earth Systems Research Laboratory at NOAA in Boulder, CO and was a research meteorologist for a weather software company, EarthRisk Technologies, in San Diego, CA.

Dr. Cordeira’s research interests cover a broad range of atmospheric phenomena in the area of synoptic-dynamic meteorology with a focus on short-term climate variability and high-impact weather events. They specifically include: Synoptic-dynamic meteorology, extreme and severe weather events, atmospheric rivers and heavy rainfall, tropical cyclones and their interaction with the midlatitude flow, jet stream variability, and the atmospheric general circulation