Jennifer Kamorowski

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

BS, Granite State College
JD, Massachusetts School of Law
MA, George Mason University
Joint PhD, Maastricht University, the Netherlands and Gothenburg University, Sweden

Office: Mary Lyon Hall
Phone: (603) 535-3244

 About Professor Kamorowski

 Jennifer Kamorowski is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Plymouth State University. She received her BS in Behavioral Science at Granite State College and her MA in Criminology, Law and Society at George Mason University. She earned her law degree (JD) at the Massachusetts School of Law and is a licensed attorney in NH and MA (inactive status). She conducted her PhD research at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and Gothenburg University in Sweden, and will defend her dissertation in early 2021. Professor Kamorowski’s research interests include sexual and criminal recidivism risk assessment, cognitive bias, decision-making in criminal case processing, the use of forensic evidence in criminal trials, and public policies regarding management of people convicted of a sexual offense. Her teaching draws upon her previous professional experience in law enforcement, military intelligence, and in capital defense. Professor Kamorowski’s research in the area of risk assessment and the criminal justice system reflects her interest in examining how a risk prediction approach to criminal decision-making impacts individuals, particularly ethnic minorities and people who are economically and socially disadvantaged. In both her teaching and research, she draws upon the many intersections between criminology, psychology, and the law. Before joining the faculty, Professor Kamorowski worked as a defense investigator for the Military Commissions Defense Organization in Arlington, VA.

 Selected publications/presentations/exhibitions

 Kamorowski, J., de Ruiter, C., Schreuder, M., Ask, K., & Jelícic, M. (in press). Forensic mental health practitioners’ use of structured risk assessment instruments, views about bias in risk evaluations, and strategies to counteract it. International Journal of Forensic Mental Health. Preprint online.

 Kamorowski, J. (2020). Guantánamo. In Lewandowski, C., & Bumgarner, J. (Eds.). Criminal justice in America: The encyclopedia of crime, law enforcement, courts, and corrections (Vol. 1, pp. 233-240). ABC-CLIO.

 Kamorowski, J. (2020). Risk and needs assessments. In Lewandowski, C., & Bumgarner, J. (Eds.). Criminal justice in America: The encyclopedia of crime, law enforcement, courts, and corrections (Vol. 2, pp. 570-571). ABC-CLIO.

 Kamorowski, J. (2019, June). Anatomy of risk: Cumulative disadvantage and risk assessment instruments. Paper presented at the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services conference, Montreal, Canada.

 Kamorowski, J. (2018, June). Perceptions of cognitive bias and the use of risk assessment instruments among Dutch mental health professionals. Paper presented at the European Association of Psychology and Law conference, Turku, Finland.

 Courses Taught

CJ 2045     Criminal Procedure
CJ 2075     Corrections
CJ 3075     Race, Class, Crime, and Justice
CJ 3260      Data Analysis for Criminal Justice        
CJ 3401     Research Methods for Criminal Justice
CJ 3720      ST: Wrongful Convictions