Juanita V. Field

BA, MA, PhD, West Virginia University
Email: jfield@plymouth.edu

Office: 426 Hyde Hall
Phone: (603) 535-2310
About Professor Field

Dr. Juanita Field’s primary teaching and research areas include Psychology and Law and Psychology and Business (Industrial/Organizational Psychology). She also teaches courses in research methods. Her focus in psychology and law includes jury consulting, eye witness accounts, age of accused, death qualification and other variables on jury decisions. In psychology and business, she is interested in job analysis, selection, performance appraisal, effects of monitoring work behavior and other work place variables. Dr. Field is interested in working with students on research in these areas, either individually or as part of a research team.

Courses taught:

PS 2010: Introduction to General Psychology
PS 3150: Research Methods in Psychology
PS 3460: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PS 3700: Psychology and Law