Kristina S. Lind, PhD, LICSW

Associate Professor of Social Work; Program Coordinator-Social Work

BA, Northwestern University; AM, University of Chicago; PhD, Loyola University

Office: Samuel Read Hall 229, Phone: (603) 535-3077
About Kristina Lind

I knew, on my very first visit to PSU, that this was the program for me, despite the fact I visited on a very cold day in a typical NH winter. I fell in love with the community in which PSU is located, the faculty I met, but mostly with the students who make PSU such a special place.

Now as Program Coordinator, I am committed to supporting a strong academic social work curriculum that both attracts and fosters a passion for social and economic justice in our local, national, and global communities. I am always looking for opportunities to engage students in professional activities such as participation on state-wide committees, in professional presentations, and in social work related field trips.

I am also the Coordinator of the Child Welfare Title IV-E Educational Tuition Partnership. In this role I am responsible for the Child Welfare and Child Maltreatment courses and try to recruit those students who have a passion for working within NH’s child protection system. I am faculty advisor to the department’s Phi Alpha Honor Society.

Whether you are a prospective student, a parent of a prospective student, a current student or just a curious individual, please feel free to email me if you would like further information. I welcome all interested students to meet with one of our faculty and to visit if you are in the area. It goes without saying, that if you are alum, I and others here want to hear about how you are doing so email, drop by, or call. Follow the program’s news on our Alumni Facebook Page.

Courses Taught

SW2400-Professional Writing for Social Work
SW3610 – Theory and Practice of Social Work Intervention I
SW3520- Theory and Practice of Social Work Intervention II
SW3130 – Child Welfare and Family Services
SW3150 – Child Maltreatment
SW 2200 Introduction to Social Work
SW 3660 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
SW 4020 Social Work Research
SW 4550 Senior Integrative Seminar
Social Work Practicum Field Liaison