Leonard R. Reitsma

Professor of Zoology

BS, William Paterson College; PhD, Dartmouth College
Email: leonr@plymouth.edu
Homepage: http://oz.plymouth.edu/~leonr/

Contact information

Office: Boyd Science Center, Room 222
Phone: 603-535-2558

Fall Office Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00-10:55 am

Thursday 1:00-1:55pm

About Professor Len Reitsma

Dr. Reitsma received his BS in Biology from William Paterson University in 1985 and his PhD. from Dartmouth College in 1990. He is an avian ecologist and has conducted research on bird populations since 1986. Dr. Reitsma has worked on American Redstarts, Black-throated Blue Warblers, Yellow-shouldered Blackbirds and Northern Waterthrushes in the Caribbean. In 2003, he started a continuous population study on Canada Warblers in Canaan, NH, his home town. Graduate students working with Dr. Reitsma are conducting research on the effects of wind turbines on Bicknell’s Thrush, the habitat selection of Whippoorwills, and the effects of different forestry practices on bird communities. In the coming year he will be working on biotic responses to watershed restoration in Ethiopia and migratory spatio-temporal patterns in the Swainson’s Thrush. All of his work is collaborative with either graduate and undergraduate students or colleagues. He enjoys his family, the outdoors, travel abroad and bird-watching. He also likes to play and listen to music of all types.

Selected publications/presentations/exhibitions

Goodnow, Marissa, and Leonard Reitsma. 2011. Nest-site selection in the Canada Warbler (Wilsonia canadensis) in central New Hampshire. Canadian Journal of Zoology: 89: 1172-1177.

Hallworth, Michael, Leonard Reitsma and Kyle Parent. 2011. Habitat- and spatial use of the Louisiana Waterthrush during the nonbreeding season in the Caribbean National Forest, Puerto Rico. Wilson Journal of Ornithology: 123: 567-574.

Smith, Joseph A.M. Leonard R. Reitsma, and Peter P. Marra. 2010. Influence of moisture and food supply on the movement dynamics of a non-breeding migratory bird in a seasonal landscape. Auk: 128:43-52.

Smith, Joseph A.M. Leonard R. Reitsma, and Peter P. Marra. 2010. Multiple space use strategies and their divergent consequences in a non-breeding migratory bird (Parekesia noveboracensis). Auk: 128: 53-60.

Smith, Joseph. A.M., and Leonard R. Reitsma, and Peter P. Marra. 2010. Moisture as a determinant of habitat quality for a non-breeding Neotropical migratory songbird. Ecology: 2874-2882.

Awards or recognition

Distinguished Teacher Award, 2005, Plymouth State University
Patchen Miller Award, 2005, Upper Valley Land Trust (for conservation work)
Courses Taught


Ecology (BI 4050)
Current Environmental Issues (BI 4800)
Conservation (BI 3240)
Ornithology (BI 3250)
Biology of Sex Roles (IS 3610)
Tropical Biology (BI 3210)
Vertebrate Zoology (BI 2040)
Biology Seminar (BI 4960)
Graduate Seminar in Ecology and Environmental Science

In the past:

Animal Behavior and intro level biology for non-majors


Dr. Reitsma carpools in his car that runs on waste vegetable oil, he heats his home 70% with wood from his own forest, produces about 70% of the electricity his family consumes with solar panels, keeps laying hens, and eats about 70% locally produced organic foods. He love birds and being in the forest year-round.