M. McClinton

Teaching Faculty – Video Production

Office: Hyde 235A
Phone: 603-535-2205
Email:  mmcclinton@plymouth.edu

About Professor McClinton

Professor McClinton joins Plymouth State University to work closely with the students and
faculty of the Art and Technologies Cluster while we expand to develop the new Film
Production component of the department. While designing initiatives for students to create
narrative fiction films, Professor McClinton will also work with students pursuing non-fiction
projects, Broadcast Journalism, documentary series, webisodes, reality programming and audio
Professor McClinton focuses not only on traditional production techniques, but on contemporary
distribution outlets which offer greater creator control and audience reach. Projects in the new
video production focus of the department require more than just student engagement. We are
working closely with faculty, staff, local officials, film commissions, businesses and
organizations to create an infrastructure conducive for a rapid growth and development of film
production in the Granite State.

Courses Taught:

CMDI2020 Sex and Cinema
CM3670 Journalism
CM3750 Film and Video Production
CM3910 Modern TV as New Cinema