Marcel Lebrun

Director of Doctor of Education Programs, Professor of Educational Leadership, Graduate Program Coordinator for Special Education Administration and PBIS Certificate

Phone: (603) 535-2288

About Marcel Lebrun:

Dr. Lebrun has written 13 books and published over 40 articles. He has traveled all over the world presenting on strategies for students with emotional and behavior disorders. He is a world reknown expert in psychological profiling and assessment of pathological and aggressive behaviors in children and adolescents.

Dr. Marcel Lebrun is a professor with 38 years in Education. He has worked in a variety of schools in Canada, Haiti, France, and now the USA. His specialties are working with Special Education students who have Emotional and Behavior Disorders. He is on the NH Positive Behavior Intervention Leadership team where he has presented over 150 workshops in Functional Behavior Assessments, Response to Interventions at Tiers 1-2-3, System Wide School changes and improvement of school climate and culture. He has worked throughout the state of NH bringing positive school interventions to over 50 schools as well as working in the Boston Public School system in inner city schools. He is presently working in collaboration with Harvard University on Instructional Rounds as one of the NH facilitators. He is well known for his many world travels and his superior organizational and time management skills.

He is the Chair of the Department for Educational Leadership, Learning and Curriculum that includes all graduate programs that lead to a Master’s, CAGS and EdD degrees. He is presently the coordinator of the Special Education Administration K-12 Certification program, Doctor of Education Program, and the Higher Education Program. He presently teaches classes in Special Education and Leadership. He is the coordinator of the Special Education 5th year Masters’ program which serves new graduates from the general education teacher certification programs at all levels.

Dr. Lebrun first began at Plymouth State University in 2002 and has worked in the Elementary Education teacher certification, Graduate Special Education, Educational Leadership and Doctoral programs. He has worked extensively with local school districts and schools to place student in practicums and internships.

Dr. Lebrun is sought out for consultation throughout the world in his area of Emotional and Behavior Disorders specialty, School and District Improvement, Educational Leadership and Advocacy, and EdD Doctoral programs. He is presently in year five of the initiative to bring PBIS to northern Canada in 17 Inuit communities.

Dr. Lebrun has been involved in over 8 million dollars worth of grants for education in the last 13 years. These grants have transformed the educational experience for many communities and school districts.

His ongoing research continues to transform the educational systems in many countries as well as here in America.

Degrees and Education

  • PhD, University of San Jose
  • MEd, University of Manitoba
  • BA, University of Manitoba
  • BEd, University of Manitoba

Research Interests

  • Behavior for at-risk youth
  • Functional behavior
  • Depression in children
  • Sexual orientation
  • Educational Leadership
  • Advocacy
  • Wellness in Children and Adolescents


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Awards and Distinctions

  • Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award, 2008

Associations, Boards, and Committees

  • International Association of Special Education
  • Council of Children with Behavior Disorders
  • Council of Exceptional Children

Courses Taught

  • SE 5760 Leadership, Consultation and Collaboration in Special Education (MEd)
  • SE 5563, SE 5564, SE 5566, SE 5568 Positive Behavior Intervention Certificate Program (MEd)
  • SE 5770 Behavior Disorders in School Aged Children (MEd)
  • SE 7800 Practicum in Educational Leadership for Administrators (CAGS)
  • EP 8020 Ethical Leadership and Advocacy (EdD)
  • EP 8820 Externship (EdD)