Marcia Schmidt Blaine

Professor of History

BA, College of William and Mary; MA, PhD, University of New Hampshire

Plymouth State University MSC #1

Blaine CV

About Professor Blaine 

Marcia Schmidt Blaine is an advocate for higher education and has shifted from purely academic work into administrative challenges. Starting her academic leadership roles as Faculty Speaker and Department Chair, she earned a year-long Fellowship with the American Council on Education in 2015-2016 to study models of academic leadership. After returning to Plymouth State, Blaine led the campus’ struggling museum to its current reorganized and flourishing state. She serves as Executive Director of Government Relations, working with politicians and public servants at the local, state, and national levels in cooperation with the President of Plymouth State and the University System of New Hampshire to create better communication and understanding between all entities. She also works on Special Projects for the President. The current focus is student engagement, persistence, and retention efforts, connecting the multiple offices, departments, committees, and individuals involved in retention to streamline efforts for maximum efficiency and impact.  She has also researched and written on faculty work load issues.

Blaine’s research focuses on two aspects of history: the development of American identity in the eighteenth century and the America’s historical relationship with landscape, specifically the White Mountains.  Along the northern edge of English settlement, families found themselves involved in late colonial international, intercultural, political, and imperial disputes. Individuals at the front line of contact successfully negotiated cultural and political boundaries in the tense times leading to the final North American imperial confrontation.  Blaine has also worked with Plymouth State University’s Museum of the White Mountains as a Museum Scholar, Curator, and Executive Director (interim).  Her work with the Museum has resulted in several exhibits on the White Mountains.

Recent Publications:

Taking the Lead: Women and the White Mountains, exhibit catalogue.  Plymouth, NH: Museum of the White Mountains, 2016.

“Picturing the Past: A Short History Of Plymouth State,” with Louise Samaha McCormack. p.6-17. In Plymouth State University. Plymouth, NH: Plymouth State University, 2014.

Passing Through: The Allure of the White Mountains, exhibit catalogue. Plymouth, NH: Museum of the White Mountains, 2013.

“The Public Forest: Joseph B. Walker, Philip Ayres, and the White Mountain National Forest,” chapter in Beyond the Notches: Stories of Place in New Hampshire’s North Country. Sponsored by the Monadnock Institute of Nature, Place, and Culture (2011).

As Time Passes over the Land, Exhibit catalogue. Plymouth, NH: Plymouth State University for the Museum of the White Mountains, 2011.

“A Public Trust: Laws, Liquor, Disorder, and Women,” New Hampshire Bar Association Journal (Summer, 2010): 72-77.

“The Johnsons’ Plight: The Role of Captivity on Anglo-American Identity,” History: A Journal of the History Association 94:1, No. 313 (January, 2009), 53-73.

Recent Museum Exhibits:

Editor and co-curator: Summer Camps: The White Mountain Roots of an Iconic American Experience, exhibit catalogue. Plymouth, NH: Museum of the White Mountains, 2017. Exhibition of same title, 2017.

“Taking the Lead: Women and the White Mountains,” exhibit at the Museum of the White Mountains, April 7-October 7, 2016.  Author of catalogue text, humanist, co-curator, and director of grant-funded project. Museum director, 2015-2017.

“Passing Through: The Allure of the White Mountains,” Exhibit at the Museum of the White Mountains. Author of catalogue text, humanist, curator, and researcher, Winter 2013. Historian, curator, humanist and writer.

“As Time Passes over the Land,” Exhibit at Karl Drerup Gallery, Feb. 8-April 14, 2011. Historian, curator, and writer. Wrote exhibit didactics and catalogue text. Researched and curated White Mountain paintings for the exhibit.

“Protecting the Forests: The Weeks Act of 1911,” Exhibit at Silver Cultural Arts Center March-April, 2010. Traveled the state through 2011 as part of the Centennial Celebration of the Weeks Act. Humanist, author and historian. and wrote exhibit text. Researched and chose exhibit photos and graphics with co-researcher. Worked with designer to create exhibit.

Recent Grants:

Director, “WMNF Centennial,” $10,000 from the federal government to sponsor the 2018 exhibit.

Museum fundraising, $250,000 anonymous donation for special projects and student fellowships, 2016.

Director, Campbell Online development, $49,000 private donation to launch long-term project.

Director, “Taking the Lead: Women and the White Mountains,” 2016. New Hampshire Humanities grant, $10,000.

Director, “Taking the Lead: Women and the White Mountains,” 2016. Gutchess Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, $5000.

Humanist, curator, and historian, “Passing Through: The Allure of the White Mountains,” project for the Museum of the White Mountains. Grant through the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, 2012-2013.

Consultant and scholar advisor, “Thomas Cole National Historic Park Planning Grant,” project for the Thomas Cole National Historic Park, New York. Grant through the National Endowment for the Humanities, 2012.