Martin D. Hellwig


Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Technology  

Email:  (preferred)
Office: Memorial Hall Room 211
Phone: (603)535-2466

Fall Office Hours:
Tuesday & Thursday 4:00pm in D&M 409
and by appointment

Ph.D. Computer Science (Phylogenetics), University of Rhode Island
M.Sc. Computer Science (Computer Vision), University of Massachusetts Boston
M.Sc. Aviation (Flight Delay Prediction using Machine Learning), University of North Dakota
MBA (Aviation Management), University of North Dakota
Dipl.Kfm. (Intl. Business Law), Universität Lüneburg

Professor Hellwig’s Background:
Dr. Hellwig joined PSU in 2019 to take over leadership of the fledgling robotics program. He has a decidedly interdisciplinary background with extensive experience from both academia and industry. Dr. Hellwig started teaching electronics and manufacturing in 2009 as a teaching assistant and has since taught economics, computer science and information technology at a wide range of institutions ranging from a small tribal college in western North Dakota to major urban campuses such as UMass Boston. While teaching computer science at the world-renowned University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, he developed an interest in phylogenetics which became the core topic of his doctoral dissertation. Dr Hellwig’s other areas of expertise include computer vision, machine learning, economics and international finance. He has also been very successful as a high level project manager in the technology industry. Here at PSU, Dr. Hellwig puts this diverse background to work to lead an equally interdisciplinary new degree program and to forge relationships with industry partners throughout New England, the nation and the world.

About Professor Hellwig:
Dr. Hellwig is an avid hiker who enjoys day hikes in the White Mountains just as much as longer through-hikes. His favorite longer journey recently took him through (almost) the entire state of Oregon on the Pacific Crest Trail. Beyond hiking, Dr. Hellwig enjoys traveling in general with a particular soft spot for the relaxing world of train travel. His further local interests include sailing, kayaking or just reading a good book while listening to a wide range of music from classical to electronic.

Courses Taught
CS 2010 – Computing Fundamentals
CS 2521   Introduction to Electromechanical Technology
CS 2901 – Materials, Design, Fabrication
CS 2381 – Data Structures and Intermediate Programming
CS 3690 – Robotics I
CSDI 2930 – Robotics