Mary Ann McGarry

Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, Endowed Abbott Professor of Environmental Studies

MSC 48
Plymouth State University
17 High Street
Plymouth, NH 03264-1595

Office: 218B Boyd Science Center
Phone: 603-535-3209
Fax: 603-535-3180


  • B.A., Environmental Education, Dartmouth College
  • M.S., Earth Science, Northern Arizona University
  • Ed.D., Science Education, University of Maine

Outreach and Research Focus: 

McGarry embraces the Integrated Clusters education approach, which enables students to develop the skills they need to have lasting, positive impacts on their communities.  She is leading two multi-phase, multi-year interdisciplinary cluster projects at PSU entitled: “The Forest to Forest:  Bicknell’s Thrush” focused on sustainable development in NH and on the island of Hispaniola, the two ends of the migratory birds’ journey and “Valuing our Trees and Community Forests” focused on assessing the many ecosystem services of the trees on our campus.  McGarry along with her students has helped PSU achieve two distinctions:  Tree and Bee Campus USA. We are the only campus in NH to have such designations.

McGarry is completing a certificate through The National Writing Project New Hampshire Summer Institutes with the goal of becoming a teacher/consultant in environmental writing.  She has attended writing programs offered by the Appalachian Mountain Club and the Center for Northern Woodlands. Her new passion is integrating scientific and creative thinking. She is using poetry to reach and teach wider audiences about environmental issues. McGarry is currently working with an English and Art professor and their collective students to publish a guidebook of the 106 diverse tree species on the PSU campus which will include research on, poems about, and block prints of the trees.

McGarry spent January 2020 at Sadhana Forest in India, investigating a sustainable community and planting trees on a previously degraded landscape, to help address climate change and create food forests.

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Graduate students

Two of McGarry’s more recent graduate students one Master’s and one Ed.D. at PSU have focused on international education.


  • Foundations in Environmental Policy (writing intensive required course for ESP majors)
  • Natural Hazards: Science and Policy (involves fieldtrips to examine landslides and volcanic ring dikes in N.H.)