Michael Fischler

Professor of Education; Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award in the MEd Program, 2004

BEd, MEd, University of Miami; EdD, University of Colorado
Email: mfischle@plymouth.edu

Contact Information

Office:  (603)-535-2474 Home: (603)-536-2347

Email: mfischler@plymouth.edu

About Professor Fischler

Dr. Fischler has performed multiple roles on this campus. He currently teaches in the departments of Counselor Education and School Psychology; Educational Leadership, Learning and Curriculum; and Elementary Education and Childhood Studies. In 1975 he founded the Plymouth State University “Counseling and Human Relations Center,” and served as its’ Director from 1975-2015. He has served on PSU’s Homophobia Task Force; President’s Commission on Diversity; and is an advisor to the Black Student Union and Tau Omega sorority. His research interests include: cultural diversity; intercultural communication; social behavior; psychological counseling; multicultural education; and prejudice reduction.

Other achievements/honors:

  • Founder, PSU “Counseling and Human Relations Center,” 1975.
  • Co-founder of the “S-O-S” (“Support our Students”) Faculty Scholarship Fund, designed to assist PSU’s most financially at risk students
  • Creator, Plymouth State’s “A-B-C” (“A Better Campus Community”) program, designed to facilitate intercultural respect, compassion and civility.
  • “Distinguished Graduate Teacher Award,” 2004
  • Founder and past President, “First Star Tonight” (supporting area chronically and terminally ill children, young adults, and their families), 1986-2005

Presentations and Publications (recent or noteworthy):

  • PSU, Counselor Education and School Psychology Honors Society, Chi Sigma Iota, Inaugural Induction Ceremony, Keynote Speaker, “Bigotry and Racism… Time to See, Tell and Do,” April 13, 2012.
  • PSU, Counselor Education and School Psychology Honors Society, Chi Sigma Iota Induction Ceremony, Keynote Speaker, “Living a Meaningful Life,” March, 2016
  • Fischler, M. (1992). “Time to Talk Back,” Phi Delta Kappan. V73, 634-635.Fischler, M. (1999)
  • Fischler, M. (1999). “Reflecting on a Personal Visit with Dr. Viktor Frankl and His Wife Elly,” Education; Winter99, Vol. 120 Issue 2, p281
  • Fischler, M. (2012) “A Letter Long Overdue,” Annual Editions Multicultural Education. 16th
  • “The Cultural Triangle,” Invited Workshop, presented November 3, 2011 at the 21st Annual  National Association for Multicultural Education Conference, Chicago , IL
  • CULTURE, CONFLICT AND CHANGE…MOVING FROM CRISIS TO GROWTH, Invited Paper, presented June 11, 2012 at the 12thInternational Conference On Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • “Culture, Conflict and Change (2014), “From Crisis to Growth,” The International Journal of Community Diversity, Volume 12, Issue 2.
  • “Ethical Living,” presentation, International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education, George Mason University, June, 2015
  • “Crisis to Opportunity to Opportunity to Change,” paper presented March 22, 2016, “International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences,” Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Crisis to Opportunity to Change (2016), Published, March, International Academic Conference, Lisbon, Portugal (proceedings)
  • “From Crisis to Change,” TED Talk, “Outstanding Research Presentation, Certificate of Excellence,”  April 11,  2016, Paris, France

Courses Taught

  • Social Behavior and Diversity
  • Social Behavior in a Diverse World
  • Foundations of Diversity
  • Cultural Diversity and American Society
  • Leadership in a Diverse World