Natalya Vinogradova

Professor of Mathematics Education K-12
Director, NH Impact Center

MS, St. Petersburg State University (Russia); PhD, SUNY-Buffalo

Office: Hyde Hall 353
Phone: 603-535-3235

Spring office hours:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 12:30pm – 1:30
or by appointment

About Professor Vinogradova

Natalya Vinogradova joined Mathematics department at Plymouth State University in 2005. In addition to teaching mathematics to prospective teachers, she is interested in working with in-service teachers, and frequently offers courses of professional development. She has been serving as the Director of PSU’s NH Impact Center since 2011.

Courses Taught


MA 2110 Math for PreK-Grade 3 Educators
MA 2120 Math for Grades 4-6 Educators
MA 2200 Finite Mathematics
MA 3050 Intro to Mathematics Education
MA 3070 Knowing & Teaching Math
MA 3200 Discrete Mathematics


MG 5010 Seminar in Math Education
MG 5320 Num/Quan/Alg for Mid/Sec School
MG 5340 Geometry for Mid/Sec School
MG 5350 Stats/Prob for Mid/Sec School