Nicholas (Will) White

Teaching Lecturer in Adventure Education

D.A., Franklin Pierce University; M.Sc., University of Denver; B.Sc., University of Colorado in Boulder


About Nicholas (Will) White

Dr. Will White is co-founder of Summit Achievement, an AEE accredited Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Program). The program is a hybrid wilderness therapy program in Maine, where Dr. White has been employed for 23 years.  He is a nationally recognized researcher and speaker on the history of the field of adventure and wilderness therapy.  He has been a Teaching Lecturer at Plymouth State University since 2007 and has served on various boards related to the field including the Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group of the Association of Experiential Education, National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs and the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council.  He is the author of Stories from the Field: A History of Wilderness Therapy. Dr. White is also the host of a podcast called Stories from the Field: Demystifying Wilderness Therapy


  • LCSW- Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • MLADC- Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Course Taught in Adventure Education

  • AP3610 – Wilderness Therapy


D.A. Leadership: Franklin Pierce University
M.Sc. Social Work: University of Denver
B.Sc. Psychology: University of Colorado in Boulder