Osama Ta’ani

Associate Professor of Mathematics Education

BSc, MSc, University of Mosul (Iraq); PhD, New Mexico State University
Email: otaani@plymouth.edu

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/osama-taani-1b9b7761

Office: Hyde Hall 356
Phone: 603-535-3073

Office Hours:  On leave ~ Spring 2019

About Professor Ta’ani

Osama Ta’ani is an assistant professor of mathematics education who joined the Department of Mathematics in 2011. He teaches undergraduate and graduate mathematics courses for pre-service and in-service teachers. He started his professional life teaching in primary and secondary schools in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. After developing a passion for instruction he pursued a PhD in Mathematics at New Mexico State University. During this time he taught courses ranging from developmental mathematics through differential equations. His research interests include mathematics education, history of mathematics, and using historical sources (specially from Medieval Islam) in teaching mathematics. His research focuses on using history in mathematics education, in particular, how history can be implemented in classroom teaching, and how teachers can integrate historical sources in the mathematics curriculum as an instructional tool. This tool provides students with both flexible thinking and opportunities for comparison as well as improves creative thinking while creating a network of ideas. Osama is busy outside of class with his three children. He enjoys hiking, fishing, traveling, and canoeing.

Selected publications/presentations/exhibitions

  • Practices for Better Mathematics Teaching for Prospective Teachers. An Inaugural Lecture. Plymouth, NH. March 2015.
  • Using Visual Representations to Meet the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Workshop, New Hampshire Teacher of Mathematics Conference. Concord, NH. March 2014.
  • Using History of Mathematics and Primary Sources to Help Teachers to Meet the Common Core State Standards. Workshop, New Hampshire Teacher of Mathematics Conference. Manchester, NH. April 2013.
  • Using Original Historical Sources in Teaching Mathematics for Preservice Elementary and Middle School Teachers. MAA session: Mathematics Education II, Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego, January 2013.
  • Multiple Paths to Mathematics Practice in al-Kashi’s Key to Arithmetic: A Preliminary Report. MAA Session on Treasures from the Past: Using Primary Sources in the Classroom, Joint Mathematics Meetings, New Orleans, January 2011.
  • Al-Kashi’s Key to Arithmetic: Its Context, Contents, and Educational Impact Up Through the Ottoman Empire. MAA General Contributed Paper Session, III, Joint Mathematics Meetings, New Orleans, January 2011.
  • The Concept of Derivative as Presented in Nineteenth Century American Calculus Textbooks. History and Theories of Mathematics Education Miniconference, New Mexico State University, May 2010.
  • Stochastic Processes for Financial Mathematics. Stochastic Processes Seminar, New Mexico State University, 2008.
  • Brownian Motion, Martingales. Stochastic Processes Seminar, New Mexico State University, 2008.

Awards or recognition

  • Named Ed and Marilyn Wixson Professor of Mathematics, June 2014.
  • Travel award from CERME7, the Seventh Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education, Rzeszów, Poland, February 2011
  • The Science Education Alliance award, SCIAD Program, May 2009.
  • Excellent Teacher Honor, Dar al-Fikr Schools, Saudi Arabia, November 2005.
  • Excellent Teacher Honor, Dar al-Fikr Schools, Saudi Arabia, November 2002.

Courses Taught:


MA 1500 – Mathematics and the Humanities
MA 1800 – College Algebra
MA 2110 – Math for PreK – Grade 3 Educators
MA 2140 – Precalculus
MA 2200-   Finite Mathematics
MA 2300 – Statistics I
MA 2550 – Calculus I
MA 2560 – Calculus II
MA 3120 – Linear Algebra
MA 3460 – History of Mathematics
MA 4910 – Independent Study: Using Primary Sources in Teaching Prospective Teachers


MG 5010 – Seminar in Mathematics Education: The Role of History in Teaching Mathematics
MG 5730 – Topics in Discrete Math for Elementary/Middle School Teachers
MG 5830 – Topics in Discrete Mathematics for Middle/Secondary School Teachers
MG 5870 – Topics in Calculus for Secondary School Teachers
MG 5960 – Mathematics Teaching Internship
MG 5330 – Functions and Modeling for Middle/Secondary School Teachers
ED 6900 – Graduate Capstone Project