Pamela Godbois, MSW, LICSW

Teaching Lecturer, Social Work

BSW, Plymouth State College; MSW, Boston University

I previously worked with several social service agencies in New Hampshire developing and providing training for home visitors. I have worked extensively in community mental health and addictions. I am also a yoga teacher, anatomy nerd and nutrition junkie. I am passionate about helping others understand how the body and mind are connected and how food, relationships and movement are at the heart of whole body wellness. As a social worker, I hope to influence change and aid students to grow beyond the books and articles they read, to explore how change happens in their own lives and how they can be the catalyst for guiding others through the change process. This passion brought me to PSU where I am able to share my unique expertise.

I have extensive training and experience in addiction, mental health, anatomy, yoga, development, and nutrition. I provide counseling and psychotherapy services to children, adolescents and families as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. I also provide alternative therapies including yoga therapy in my private practice in New Hampshire.

When not working, I can be found clowning around, practicing yoga with my family, in the kitchen concocting yummy vegan, grain free treats, at the beach or dreaming of life as a Gypsy.

Courses taught:

Introduction to Social Work
Human Biology for Social Workers and the Social Sciences
Human Behavior and Social Environment
Theory & Practice of Social Work Intervention II
Also served as Field Liaison for 2016 Field Practicum