Phil Lonergan

Professor of Sculpture

BA, College of St. Thomas; MFA, SUNY-Albany

Phone: 603-535-2549
Office: D&M 116

About Professor Lonergan

Phil Lonergan is a Professor of Art and the director of the Sculpture program at Plymouth State University. He received an MFA from SUNY-Albany, and a BA in Psychology from St. Thomas College in Minnesota. Phil spent two years as a boat builder in Sweden, several years as a furniture builder in New England, and a year in Australia mining opals before getting his graduate degree in Sculpture. Recently, Phil has shown his work at the Linus Gallery and LH Horton Jr. Gallery, both in California, the Tangent Gallery in Michigan, and the Rezny Gallery in Kentucky, along with exhibitions in New Hampshire with the AVA Gallery and with the New England Sculptors’ Association. Phil has spent time traveling throughout Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Spain, and Poland. He and his family now live in Campton, New Hampshire in a solar-powered house that he built a few years ago. Phil enjoys ice climbing, making films, and moving heavy things around his studio with a forklift.