Robert G. Egbert Jr.

Associate Professor of Political Science

Doctor of Arts, Idaho State University,  1977.

Contact Info

Phone: (603) 535-2541
Rounds Hall 111, MSC #39

My primary discipline is political science, but my graduate work included significant preparation in sociology and economics. I no longer teach in the latter disciplines but rely upon them to give a multidisciplinary flavor to my politics courses. My usual courses include Government in America, Constitutional Law,  Political Thought, Comparative Politics, and Politics and Art. Several years of service as chair and member of the board of directors and of the ACLU of New Hampshire have reinforced my concern for constitutional government and the rule of law that for now seem undervalued. My research interests include democratic theory, civil liberties, and state and local government. My primary professional interests are teaching my courses and seeing my students enter into interesting and rewarding careers.